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Great Story Driven Pixel Art Games

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I love story driven games and pixel art games, so what about if we combine both?
We get some great games like the ones on this list 🙂

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The games featured in the video in order are:
1-The Red Strings Club
3-Finding Paradise
5-Papers Please
6-Do Not Feed The Monkeys
8-Half Past Fate
9-VA-11 Hall-A
11-Coffee Talk
12-Lamplight City
14-To The Moon

00:00 The Red Strings Club
01:04 Underhero
01:50 Finding Paradise
03:14 Unavowed
04:36 Papers Please
06:22 Do Not Feed The Monkeys
07:29 CrossCode
08:54 Half Past Fate
10:10 VA-11 Hall-A
10:53 Rakuen
12:35 Coffee Talk
13:38 Lamplight City
14:46 OneShot
16:07 To The Moon
17:45 Undertale


  1. This list was a request by a sub to the channel, let me know if you want a list of a particular genre or platform. 🙂

  2. Nice ones here. CrossCode is quite dense in it's narrative and open world game structure. A shoutout to Owlboy as one of my favorite video game stories.

  3. After Cloudpunk and Thimbleweed Park, now Lamplight City, Do Not Feed The Monkey and Cross Code are in my next game list.

  4. I've always wanted to play unavowed, ii's about time give it a try.

  5. Also VirtuaVerse is so good.
    I will try Unavowed soon. Thanks.

  6. i make pixel animations with story! weekly episodes! very consistent uploads!

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