Grandpa Horror Game with A TERRIFYING Ending | The Caregiver - Chilla's art -

Grandpa Horror Game with A TERRIFYING Ending | The Caregiver – Chilla’s art

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Welcome to the Caregiver, an absolutely incredible Chilla’s art game! This is one of my favorite horror games ever! I just love the suspense for the first part of the game, it’s so eerie and weird, and then it just goes absolutely crazy in the final part of the game. This was genuinely terrifying, not many games are truly scary like this. I hope you enjoy! Much love and see you during the streams 😀

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  1. I agree with you Insym! Great build up to a crazy ending! I really like this one 👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Oh no… first Granny… now Granpa? What is wrong with those Old peope today?

    Anyway, great Video as always. Keep it up! 🤘

  3. It became quite an awwwww at the end 🥲. But then the ouch(((

    P. S. That last name in the credits though,,

  4. The shaders! i wish i had them im the sims 4

  5. Been watching lots of your videos again! I'm really enjoying all those games you try out!! There are so many fun games I didn't even know existed.

  6. It's amazing when a game can make you feel something or even scare you. Only a few things in life can be scary in a "good" safe way. No matter how scared or freaked out the game makes you you're still just comfy at home and totally safe. It's a really weird feeling for me, why am I scared of sounds and weird stuff in a game when they can't really harm me but many actually dangerous things irl feel like nothing >.<

  7. "If it's 3am and you're watching this video, go to bed."
    /glances at the clock/
    It's only 1am, I'm good!

  8. play 'aka Manto' it uses stress as an art style

  9. @25 mins, you stop that. Thats how someone stabs you in the eye. Also I titled my screen away from me incase there was a jumpscare lol

  10. I used to do caregiving, eventually you get used to cleaning up people's mess. The worst one is when their close to passing away, it's really sad and gross.

    In certain parts of Asia, if you don't have family and you're not noticed by the government, when the elderly pass away alone they're later found mummifing in their homes.

  11. Extreme Rock Paper Scissors!
    Objective: Survive.

  12. damn i love every single stream off you, thanks for uploading it <3

  13. i love the effort you put into pronouncing foreign names <3

  14. Wow Inuyama Tamaki is in multiple games as collectables 6:07. And by the way its 3plus am when i was watching this video……

  15. I love these kinds of games, especially in this style

  16. Really loved this game. I also thought the character was pregnant when I looked down. Haha. What's also funny is I didn't talk to the girl at the counter on the way out, so when I saw them on the second day, they were telling me to go watch the old man and I thought "Am I in a time loop?"

    I was so annoyed with the clock part, but then I realized it was actually way kinder than it is in most games.
    One of them, I just sat on the clock while getting stabbed until I thought I'd almost die, looped the granny for a bit until I healed, go back to the clock, and repeat if necessary.
    I don't think I got all the cards in the game but I also don't know if I want to. Maybe I'll play through it again in the future and get them.

  17. Thx Dude for the pro tip that i should go to sleep right now so good night

  18. Insym: If you're watching this video and its 3AM go to bed.
    Me: Checks clock for the first time in hours. 3:45AM….
    Also Me: Um… Sorry but no I think I'll finish the video first.

  19. Insym, I know you said to go to bed if it's 3:00am, but nothing about if it is 4:30am so I had to finish the video. I am at 9:25 right now

  20. the voice your doing for the guy wanting a rock paper scissors match sounds like the old man in Monty Python and The Holy Grail "I shall Not Let You Pass" "Unless You Answer Me Three Questions?" "What Is Your Favourite Colour?"

  21. "If its 3am and you are watching this video, go to bed!" Looks at phone, "how did he know!!!!!"

  22. The story of this game is very similar to the Grudge, or Ju-on o:

  23. This House, This attic, this noise 12:30 reminded me of a movie, any people who get this reference ?

  24. Cute reaction on seeing the "white light" after being chased. 😀

  25. You pronouncing "Souichi" first try makes up for any of the other names you…uh…don't pronounce correctly. Very impressive!

  26. "If it's 3 AM and you're watching this video please go to bed"

    laughs in 4:30 AM

  27. It is literally 3am as I watch this and I refuse to go to bed

  28. 44:50 (day 5) makes me think the dev took inspiration from the Shiki anime. (and or its just a common trope, not certain)

  29. "If it's 3 am and you're watching this video, go to bed."

    Ironically, that's exactly what I'm doing, love your videos way too much. 😂

  30. 49:22 I would have lost it here if you just got obliterated by a car crossing the street and got an ending achievement or something

  31. Oh hey it’s 3AM and I’m watching this video oh well

  32. Old guy pees on the floor and seems dead and I just know I could never work this kind of job. Bless the ground for those that do it.

  33. Grandpa doesn't speak and disapears around the house and since this is ghost/demon game I'm pretty sure he's dead and just being worn by a spirit at this point

  34. The wind and rain in this game is so miserable… they really nail how cold winter wind sounds

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