Games Aren't Art? -

Games Aren’t Art?

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Today I’m going to be talking about if games are art and that I think we have become to hyper critical of everything.
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  1. Games aren't works of art, they're products that contain works of art

  2. I agree with you about the FPs thing. I can't actually understand what kind of mental problem causes some people to think that games going over 60FPS are better than the games that don't. I actually don't care how much FPS I can get with a game as long as I can play them without extreme lags. Like even any count between 30-40 range is also fine for me.

  3. I don’t want games to be considered art. Literally nothing could be worse for the genera. Movies and TV Series have been considered “art”, and this merely encourages bad faith people only interested in clout to take them over and completely destroy them. Meanwhile video games are not considered art, are seen as inferior by people only interested in clout and are therefore only made by people who care about them.

    Art can burn for all I care.

  4. If you need someone to tell you what to like/dislike, or that someone criticised you or something you like causes you an issue, that’s a you problem, not the person sharing their opinion.

    I’m not directing that to you, just speaking in general.

  5. short answer : YES, game's are ART, everything include making a game it's ART(coding, programming, design, sound etc..) games are masterpiece ❤️👑.

  6. can you make a video about fallout frashise?

  7. People both want games to be considered art and taken seriously, and then dislike what comes with it. Art is not always entertainment, and has no obligation to be. We have labelled everything that has this sort of interactivity in a limited world we can control in some way as video games, and that label has painted all of them as tools of entertainment, when they're not.

    Art is both an expression of emotion and immersed in the technical details. Those details inform the art, and are as much of a choice as something like the story. Art can be bad, art can be soulless, art can be hollow. Art is not a purely good word, it is a definition and quality of something.

    That being said, there are, in fact, a lot of "critics" on youtube who are fueled by negativity that don't actually have a good grasp of art. Stuff like CinemaSins is also a part of this, legitimizing bad faith criticism as something equal. I don't think we as a society are magically more hypercritical, but the decentralization that the internet has brought along means that there is no more curation process for who can and cannot be a critic, and what value their words have. Negativity sells, so negativity is legitimized.

    One last thing, and it's a very important thing to note: the vast, vast majority of people simply don't think about these things, and even fewer think about them hard. Most people cannot distinguish good criticism from bad because they don't have a reference point. This goes for games, movies, shows, music, paintings, and every other form of art. If people weren't spoon-fed criticism through youtube, they still likely wouldn't think about it themselves. They would just think about something else.

  8. 10:27 I totally agree, people go crazy if somethings not 60fps on the new consoles, like its not that serious, Nintendo just put out Zelda and its gonna get rave reviews and I guarantee no one gpong to be mentioning that it doesn't run 60fps. If the games good it wouldnt matter that much, just a cherry on the top.

  9. U right ! Ive almays tought that video game was art. Very good video bro just play the game likeyou feel. Im sure that video is going to be underrated it was very profound.

  10. the topic about games being art is a terrible argument imo the rest of the video is actually great. i also want to point out that rating and talking about games like witcher 3 by other people will overshadow your own experience at least in my case. that's why i think W3 is over hyped but don't get full therapeutic on that! i think Dragon Age 3 was a better game even though W3 had some improvements over it.
    i would overall say Yes and No to this video?
    while you mentioned some important stuff there is still a lot of things to consider here.
    like for me talking about a video game ,analyzing it, making a documentary etc is pointless cause ultimately this is someone else's property. it belongs to a company not even an individual! (one of the reasons i think games aren't art) so it doesn't matter how you think about it you can't really make a change. that's why i try to move away from talking about games as a whole and move towards creating my own story and games.

  11. You have so many valid points in this video, that I feel pity for you for the hate you might get because some people are too deep in their bubble to really get what you are saying. Continue making these videos, youtube needs people like you

  12. Damn dude I was just saying I need some new YouTube gems.

  13. Definitely too critical it’s really easy to just dump on a game and talk about everything they do wrong but we should spend more time understanding why the company took the direction they did and finding positives.

  14. Video games are indeed art, there can be a similar level of cinematography and use of music as any movie. On opinions, I've always enjoyed hearing people talk about their favourite games because hearing people talk passionately about something is just fun. A friend of mine loves Red Dead Redemption 2 and I love seeing him post about how much he loves it. I understand his position, even if I think it's not that good and I personally have a lot of problems with the story of the game.

    I've always been critical of games, the same as with movies, but I also remind myself that a 7/10 is a good fun experience, not everything needs to be a 9 or 10/10 to have been enjoyable. I feel a lot of online discourse can become toxic when only a 9 or 10/10 is an acceptable score for publications to give.

    When I look back on most of my favourite games over the last 5 years I think of games like The Red Strings Club, Manifold Garden, Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, Spiritfarer and Katana Zero, I think it's easier for Indie games to look stylised and not feel the pressure to push graphical fidelity. There is a weird expectation that big AAA games have to have huge open worlds with 60fps and I think it's very unhealthy. I remember Kamurocho from the Yakuza games far more than say any open world of the modern Assassin's Creed games, and I think more fondly of Kamurocho. I remember where the Pawn shop is, where the arcade is, where the noodle bar is.

  15. Gotta say, I love your view on games mostly because it actually sounds constructive and unique compared to a lot of the other usual rants I’ll see. Especially the part where you bring up comments on YouTube videos. I for one barely read comments now cause of all the crap with starfield, a game that I for one am somewhat looking forward to. Will it be the greatest game ever, probably not, will it meet the expectations that have been given to it, No, but I will still probably enjoy it regardless because of my love for open world games. And if I can enjoy it, then yeah , I would consider it art but there will probably be a lot of who will hate it or the people who like it simply because it doesn’t fit their preferences on what a game should be.

  16. As much as my old version of meself will agree on this however, i grew to understand why criticism is valuable as everyone liking everything is not the way to go nor hating either but i would have to agree disagree when it came to your part of saying liking the game because how it makes u feel. As back then, games were not reaching 60 usd or 100 usd in some extreme cases . Game's didn't have battlepasses .. etc. Not everyone can afford such luxury as when you finally bought the game, you are surprised with bugs, audio damage, glitches .. then it's not art it is a scam.

  17. However, i understand your point of view how 60 fps dosent matter like now when i bought hogwarts legacy on ps4 a friend of mine laughed at me due to him owning it on ps5 and says there huge difference loading screen grass etc and im like dudecits ps4 not like playing on gamboy advanced i could wait couple mins for loading screen .. and the experience of playing is so funnnn i finally got to experience being hufflepuff in hogwarts lol 😢❤ so yeah.. in this case it dosent matter much and i like playing old games like lego batman/ indiana jones pirates of the Caribbean because of how they make me feel

  18. your channel is really underrated, i think that more people need to hear these kinds of opinions!! keep it up

  19. Growing up, I learned it's that it's fine to have standards. But I think it's good to consider people's circumstances and tastes even if you disagree. My gramps thinks games like The Witcher and Red Dead 2 are not that interesting for him, but I won't hold it against him since he prefers playing short, casual and classic RTS games.

    I've always envied how he can form his own opinion, no matter how harsh, disagree with others without the need to berate them and still enjoy the little things at the same time. I wish I retained that ability. He told me to delete socials like my Twitter and come back to reality but what do I know lmao.

  20. I think games are art. Games like The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part 2 show how great games are. They can make you feel more than any other medium.

  21. See I believe that’s the first problem, because we enjoyed a game as a kid doesn’t mean it was perfect, i truly believe that just means the game was able to capture a perfect emotion, replaying a game allows you to relive that emotion even while realizing what shortcomings a game might had

  22. There’s a difference between good and something we enjoy. So many people can’t like something and see that it has plenty of objective flaws. For example, I like the Force awakens, but force awakens is a horrific mess of a film with plenty of terrible writing, world building, and characters. It has objective issues, and it’s objectively bad from a writing perspective, but I find it kinda fun.

  23. obviously the visual design, music, story etc are art. But I think some people overly defend games because they don't consume a wide range of other media. I think gamers are really easy to please when it comes to something being "artistic." If a game crams in as much colorful fantastical stuff as possible, gamers will be all over it calling it the most beautiful thing they've ever seen. If the soundtrack is halfway decent, gamers will call it the best music they've ever heard.

  24. I remember the games I play the most and the games and enjoyed the most were not the most graphically impressive game. It's due to the combat being so great, and everything that surrounds the combat (like atmosphere and lore and creativity) shoots it up to the highest level. Like with a game like Bloodborne. A masterpiece. Everything about it is great, but if the combat sucked, that core fundamental lacking would have my enjoyment with it plummet.

  25. Eminem is every white person's great white hope

  26. Games and music are the best art form. I find movies and tv so boring and just wishing most of them were just games. I think the interactivity of gaming just makes it better.

  27. Here's my personal definition of art I thought up:

    1. It is creative. It is first created from the human mind through inspiration of both internal and external sources.
    2. It serves a function: typically to inform, remind, inspire, or entertain.
    3. It is meant to be experienced through one or more of the five senses rather than simply used as an instrument or tool to accomplish something.

  28. 10:19 I'm absolutely not fine with 30fps and I'm unable to play anything which runs like that. People who are fine with 30fps IMO are the problem, they are making it so devs can be lazy and get away with sub par.

  29. I think this depends on the game you are playing. Something like the Last of Us has to be Judged very differently from Call of Duty. A game like Call of Duty needs a good multiplayer thats well balanced so its like a sport, while Last of Us is like a book or a movie, that the writing, and level design is an art.

  30. i dont mean this to sound sinical but you are being too fair…the resulti is you have an incomplete view of how bad things are out there. something i put to your age.

  31. Is it ok to call game terrible if it runs like crap where it shouldn't? Of course not. Is it enough of a valid reason not to buy that game? It surely is! Because you're paying for a finished product (and it's not a small amount). Imagine this in a restaurant.

  32. I have a narrow minded view of rhe word art.i basically think of art as a drawing or a painting.i dont consider music art i consider it music how ever video games are 95percent made up of what i consider art all the textures all the character models sprites backgrounds etc all art but the finished product its self is a video game. Dumb i know.

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