Feedback For YOUR Art and Games! -

Feedback For YOUR Art and Games!

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Giving feedback to your work!

The stream died at the end because my PC shut down – Sorry for the confusion :'( Thanks for hanging out anyway, see you next week!

Submit your work in our community Discord feedback channel for critique – Submit art, games, music, whatever.

I will go through as much as possible but might not get to everything, you can always resubmit the following week.

If you’re submitting a game, please make sure it’s playable in browser, no downloadable files will be played!


  1. Sorry for the abrupt ending folks, my computer died, technical difficulties and I can't restart the stream. I'll be back next week <3

  2. why this streams are so underrated?!?? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. I think when people refer to drawing sprite art in "8-bit," they typically mean making sprites in a 16×16 tile format with a 3-color limit per tile. Those were the usual limitations for most NES games, with some exceptions that utilized special techniques to get a few more colors per tile. I don't know how accurate 8 bit is as a name for the style, but that's just what it's been called over the years.

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