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Favorite pixel art games 2017

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Here are my favorite 2017 pixel art games.

This comes from the extended edition of Retronator Pixel Art News for December 2017, available here:
Normal edition here:

TOP 10

1. Thimbleweed Park by Terrible Toybox

2. The Mummy Demastered by WayForward

3. Tower 57 by Pixwerk

4. Nykra (demo) by ENDESGA

5. Flinthook by Tribute Games

6. Rivals of Aether by Dan Fornace

7. Galaxy of Pen and Paper by Behold Studios

8. Tooth and Tail by Pocketwatch Games

9. Songbringer by Wizard Fu

10. The Curious Expedition: The Arctic Expanse by Maschinen-Mensch


– Dead Cells by Motion Twin

– Don’t Sink by Sebastian Nigro, Christopher Anselmo, and Daniel Marques

– Norco: Faraway Lights (demo) by Geography of Robots

– Rain World by Videocult

– Super Hydorah by Locomalito, Gryzor87, and Abylight

MUSIC by Maxo






Magnus Adamsson
Jeff Chang
… (dot dot dot)
Robert ‘Pande’ Kapfenberger
Lou Bagel




  1. What I like the most about pixel games is the artstile!
    Sometimes I don't even care about the gameplay that much, I just like looking and exploring things 🙂
    And those games definetly have a great art!
    It's nice to see more things for you to possibly play 😀
    Like from me!

  2. wtf Thimbeweed Park doesnt look nearly as good as any of the other games you showed here imo

  3. Thanks for the great content man, keep it up!

  4. Good stuff!
    Cyangmou is fantastic, technically and artistically, and he has some great pixel art tutorials on his DeviantArt page, for those interested.
    Lovely games, haven't played any of them (yet!), but I'd pick Mummy Demastered over Tower 57 too, just because of the art style which is more appealing to me. But if I recall correctly, a bunch of high caliber pixel artists worked on that, right? I think Helm and Ptoing..? Not sure now.
    I'm not too keen on "8-bit-ISH" pixel art, for me it looks artificial and weird with its smooth horizontal/vertical movement and, even more noticeable, rotations. Pixel art, IMHO, should conform to the grid.

  5. nice list and btw 7:41 that stage remind me of castlevania symphony of the night played last year hahaha

  6. songbringer is just a hyper light drifter copy

  7. Galaxy of pen and paper… I've talked to the devs at Unity Conference in São Paulo, got their card. Nice people. '-'

  8. Wow cool stuff you showed there 🙂 much inspiration for my own little pixel art game 🙂

  9. I'm more interested in the art style of RainWorld than the rest, how is it not pixel art and if it's not how do you call this form of art

  10. atmospheric… swords & sworcery.
    So you're not familiar with the older games which could match the entertainment values these have?
    Jazz Jackrabbit, Wacky Wheels, Jill of the Jungle, Fire and Brimstone, Dragon's Breath, Super Bomber Man, UN Squadron, Duke Nukem / Halloween Harry / Alien Carnage, Dune, Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, Leisure Suit Larry, Space Quest (series), Gobliiins (1,2 & 3), Wolfenstein 3d, Maniac Mansion, Commander Keen, Quarantine, Golden Axe, Wing Commander (series), Albion, Crusader (No Remorse / No Regret) Gabriel Knight (series), Master of Magic, King's Quest (series), Realms of the Haunting, The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall, Ultima (series), Warcraft (1 & 2), Theme Park, Theme Hospital, Sim Ant, System Shock, Loom, Baron Bauldric, Dizzy (series), Secret of Evermore….

    How disappointing to see nothing of the old era. I highly recommend going back to the old before continuing playing the clones of clones. You can obtain almost all of them for free without legal issues.

    edit: I know the mentioned 2017, but that doesn't mention anywhere that games are restricted to that time period. It's just what this guy likes that year. tastes change, i know.
    If I'm wrong, then its obvious the error lies in this statement made in the video "Next up are my favorites of released games and I'm going to to add in games that are already playable…".

  11. rain world is an honorable mention? give me a break

  12. You should take a look at CrossCode as well. It's got some really good pixel art and great music.

  13. Woah, I forgot how much I love pixel art. Thank you!

  14. You have such a unique list, I love it. Keep up the good work 🙂

  15. Would you please make a online and coop pixel games list ? Also +sub (especially on android )

  16. Thimbleweed park might be a great game, but definitely not the "most beautiful" specifically.

  17. Thimbleweed Park could have been such a great game for me but the ending they choose is something i never liked in any type of media. It honestly ruined the game for me.

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  19. Hey dude nice video and ty so much! Can you ask you what is your intro song of the video? It's important😊

  20. songbringer is kinda look like hyper light drifter with floating unknown object and a glowing sword

  21. I’m looking for pixel a game my school used to play it before until the school banned it and i forgot the name of it had weapons like bomb, shurkins, kunai knives, and guns I think basically anything you could throw and it’s an online player game if you know what I’m talking abt can you plz tell me the name I miss it

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