Electronic Arts Games Creator of Sims, Madden, and Fifa, Is Hated for Micro-Transactions - revartsgaming.com

Electronic Arts Games Creator of Sims, Madden, and Fifa, Is Hated for Micro-Transactions

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Electronic Arts Games Creator of Sims, Madden, and Fifa, Is Hated for Micro-Transactions

Video Host: Jackson Kessler👈
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  1. Just don't play video games for your sake of eyes !😂

  2. Tbh I played sims 4 only because my mom used to

  3. Ea pay to win game sucks why? Tjere wille be that 7 year kid that spend 600 dollar to look the best but hes the worst

  4. You forgot Jedi fallen order and squadrons

  5. exactly why i dont play new age games. ps3 at the absolute most

  6. They made pvz AND STAR WARS GAMES so sorry I don't hate

  7. who else hopes that ea will ruin enough games that their company gets ruined by that

  8. Yall still buying games?🙄🤣🤣🤣 sad

  9. U says fifa sims and the other game WHER BATTLEFIELD

  10. they literally bought codemasters, and made f1 2021 and f1 22 pay 2 win

  11. They didn't make the games they were publishing them …

  12. EA tanked the NASCAR Gaming world

  13. Riot games is the worst, not even close

  14. To note: EA never created The Sims, Madden, or FIFA, they just bought out the game studio and owns the right to them

  15. What about konami motherfuckers u should talk about them

  16. Thanks EA for ruining the plants vs. zombies franchise by turning Battle For Neighborville into an unfinished, unbalanced fuckfest that was purely a search for more money. Would've earned so much more if you actually considered taking the time to make it enjoyable, but no, microtransactions everywhere and every change that was made to be different from The Garden Warfares was purely for the sake of change, instead of improvement.

  17. Lol we get full DLCs free and their games always work when pirated 😂 for me they're good 👍

  18. Named all those games except for the best PvZ Garden warfare

  19. Everybody! FU€ EA!!!! FU€ EA!!!! FU€ EA!!!!

  20. Like.. I yelled at the vid when he said they created sims.. I'm like no… that was will Wright and Maxis.. EA bought out maxis thou.. so yes the own sims. They didn't create them

  21. EA be like: "If you would like to install this content, it'll cost 15.99. If you would like to also play it afterwards, it'll cost an extremely 10.99"

  22. fifa is just the same game pasted over and over again that some like my fat colleague buy everytimes like a sheep

  23. Buy good game frenchises and ruin the shit out of them.

  24. They are greedy.
    Not the normal amount of company greed, but an extreme amount of greed

  25. “Plays game”
    EA: pay us to play the game
    Me: but I just did?

  26. Not only that they're pay2win but they also ruined my boy command and conquer generals… They canceled him

  27. I’ll throw a Molotov thru the front door

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