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Dwarf Fortress – Kruggsmash Talks about Art, Games and Youtube.

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00:00 Intro
02:15 When did you start playing dwarf fortress?
03:40 What kept you coming back?
06:52 When did you learn to draw?
09:44 Drawing monsters
11:10 Do you use every drawing?
12:05 Artstyle
13:05 Why did you start making videos?
16:21 Did you ever think it would get this big? (Giggity)
17:50 Did you have any influences?
20:15 Do you have any favorite series?
24:33 So much to do in df.
27:25 What feature would you add to df
30:45 any major updates you are looking forward too?
31:55 Obligitory whats your take on the steam edition?
33:50 How will the steam edition effect the existing community?
35:55 Blinds take on the privious question
38:40 Stress working as a creator
41:35 How blind got into df
43:25 Outro

Dwarf Fortress – Kruggsmash Talks about Art, Games and Youtube.


  1. Just release the steam version and let the community build what it wants through mods and Tarn can just focus on features and updates

  2. Where were YOU when Blind and Krugg learned to change DF's FPS from the keyboard?

  3. I might have slight ADD and/or ADHD but I sure as hell has Dyslexia which causes my writing be all over the place. There fore, off topic:

    People who disrespect Mobile Gamers as "They are not real gamers." or defend mobile games "it wont effect us / there is no harm" are problem which is why Companies can do all the stuff they are doing.

    There are in my opinion 3 types of Mobile games. First are good Mobile games, Second is Bad mobile games.

    Third is first or second but made to print money for company:

    There are thing called hooking. First they offer a lot of free stuff so you get invested and teach you to spend all that stuff to speed up the game in any way. This later is made a grind so you HAVE to pay up (money! pay up, yay!) or you will have to wait for different reasons. "Building takes 24h to build" or "You have ran out of energy, wait 4 hours to get more energy" which you can skip with money. So if you want to play, pay up.

    Then once you are hooked after investing your time, the game starts to offer you items. They may be cosmetic non game altering items like new hat or pay 2 win shit like Shadow of War had where you could pay up to get better troops to grind the grind which were made even more of a grind grindier at the end of the game so you could finish if in reasonable time. Once the pay 2 win was removed the had to scale down the grind -.- so 100% because pay 2 win microtransactions the game was made more of a grind at the end of game so you would be invested you would bee hooked to the game and "would be willing to spend some money to skip the grind"

    This hooking is balancing act. Too much grind too early and people stop.

    That is only one of several ways the mobile games hurt casual gamers who like to play on mobile. They spend at worst thousands in year to the mobile games instead of actually investing it to anything useful. When you talk to them they say they don't have problem or they know but can't stop. There have been many people who have said they have problem but they could not help them self. Like former Totalbiscuit (r.i.p.) who talked that he plays mobile games and spend thousands yearly to the game knowing it was a problem but could not stop. Now that switch is out, that might have helped for some, but most people are casual games and want the most simplest way to play games and PC gaming is not that, neither is console gaming.

    Now we can point at Fallout 76 as game that is paid experience with microtransactions that effect the game there fore having Pay 2 Win and blacklisted for me. The moment my friend can repairt his items on the spot and I have to spend 30min to walk back to base to repair my stuff and back to my friend WHILE he kills an elite and gets some good loot = Literally Pay To Win and he gets advantage over me. so Nice!

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    My point: I want to play Dwarf Fortress but Dyslexia 😀

  4. So glad you're giving this wonderful bearded bastard the attention he deserves 😀 Krugg's such an awesome dude, and it's great that this interview has a deeper look at the person behind that glorious beard ^^ Thanks for doing this interview 😀

  5. lmao had no idea Kruggsmash looked so much like a damn dorf himself

  6. He looks like a handsome dwarf. I really like his videos. Storytelling master.

  7. You guys remind me if KurtJmac, I'd love to see a crossover with him/his farlands series

  8. 6:30 in and we all learn something about the game we never thought was possible.

  9. I look forward to having an easier time interpreting what is happening in the game

  10. For me, the reason I can’t get into the role play aspect of the game is the interface. There is just a bit too much in between me and the information to learn more about my dwarfs. The Steam version should help me a lot to try to help my dwarfs get the things they like.

  11. Wow. Kruggs is just as cool as he sounds while narrating his videos. What a fun dude. As far as a tutorial:if he doesn't enjoy it there are plenty of other's out there that cover the basics, making one more completely unnecessary. The wrapping a story around what is happening is what makes his videos really special. What I personally would really appreciate is an occasional quick dirty behind the scenes director's commentary video on how he managed to pull something off in game. Like the moses interactions in Honeystoker, or the transition from chamberpoint to watchful eyes. Just using already recorded footage to make a with a voice over of how it was pulled off posted after a series is finished would be amazing. I've tried to do a number of combined adventure mode/fortmode plays to make some story for myself and had no idea how to make it work.

  12. The only real thing I care about in the steam version is a menu overhaul. Other than that, I just want the game to continue being developed.

    I am so used to the default tileset, it'd be hard to switch to steam, and at most I'd probably just make my own tileset.

  13. "she colors my pictures like she colors my life" Awe, that is the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time, possibly ever.

  14. HOLY SHIT KRUGG why did you never tell us how handsome you are?

  15. I liked beast battle! I was looking for it the other day.

  16. Hm… So Krugg's an actual Dorf then… Makes sense

  17. Great interview (and about time too)! 🙂

  18. I love how Kruggs just LOOKS like a Dwarf himself!!
    The kind of nice dwarf in the back of the tavern that you buy a pint and he tells you about stories until the glass is empty and then some.
    Love him.

    Love this Video!!
    Can't believe the algorithm brought me to this channel earlier!

  19. I want steam version to be done so i can send some money to Tarn, prob will still play non-steam. =P

  20. You can press alt to change speed via framerate? God dammit, i have been searching for this because i was having trouble following combat and micromanaging in crisis. Thank you Krugg

  21. Thank you both for all you do for the DF community. Know you get paid to, know you get the crap that comes with it. Thanks for keeping with it.

  22. Great interview, lots of valuable questions and discussion here

  23. Krugs is pretty great, he's one of those calming voice YouTubers. Different audience than Markiplier, though there's some crossover cause they are both nice guys and a lot of people care more about personality than tonal quality.

  24. I feel like this game is hard to start but I agree that once you learn the game it’s not so much a difficulty curve as a learning curve which is what I love about this game. Once you learn to set up basic defenses, the game becomes more about discovery. Sure, you might lose when a Fortress spirals out of control but that’s just part of the story and is entirely preventable if you build a boring fort.

  25. I really don’t care much about how the steam version looks. I’m sure there’ll be mods and whatever to make look whatever you want it to look like. Really the big improvement I think and hoping it would be the UI. Though it’s not bad to get accustomed to, I just remember being very frustrated and confused on where and how do you do x,y and z.

  26. I learned about and from Kruggsmash a whole bunch in a couple days from his videos and a I am going through a bunch of failed fortresses, all those short fort videos get me excited to play again, but never forget its fun to fail!

  27. This is my 2nd time I am watching this interview. Tell Kruggsmash that I love him!

  28. Funny how I can just take a look at one of the ingame scene and think to my self, hey that is Ushengagush in its early stage.

  29. Wow, kruggsmash is hotter than i ever expected

  30. Kruggsmash both does and does not look how I imagined him.

  31. I appreciate the amount of work Kruggsmash puts in his DF videos, especially the drawings. As someone who failed trying to make something similar and being overwhelmed by having to produce effort and time to do 60+ drawings per hour long episode… Making it having context is hard.

  32. i swear i respect the King of Beardless bastards so fucking much,

    and imma go shave my beard, well over a year now since i am trying to grow a clean good looking beard, looks like i have to play df few more years.
    Blind, Kruggsmash love you guys so much 🙂

  33. Awesome interview. Krugg looks more badass than i originally imagined. Next time wear your helmet.
    I was able to get hooked on DF on my second attempt at playing. Thanks to a friend who shared one of your videos on dwarf fortess. Then i first told him its too abstract for me. Then one weekend being bored of 7 Days to Die, i watched Kruggs tutorial again and thought i would give DF another chance. Expecting to delete it in an hour or so. That did not happen. Once you figure it out the basics are not that hard. The learning curve is not as bad as a though. Although it took quite a bit of doing to get my first bar of soap made. Lol

  34. Bearded bastards, Kruggsmash is great. I love him

  35. HOLY SHIT HIS PROFILE PIC IS ACCURATE?!! This man is a dwarf IRL!

  36. Amazing interview! Krugg seems very honest and straight forward, which is very appreciated. He thinks much like me

  37. As an artist, Krugg is really developing a unique style and he has come SO far, enough to be in awe as he said. Because he is drawing frequently, stuff he cant control, and actively learning to draw diverse objects, clothes, animals, and setting objects, and going into that as an exploration on the paper… thats the way to do it! Thats the way to learn a lot and improve a lot, really fast!

  38. I think that the game architecture might not allow it, but from a lore perspective, the idea that some higher spirit can swoop down and inhabit a dwarf, making them fight super well or make something cool, seems a lot like a strange mood…. maybe not with the same results, but you know what? Maybe I want a dwarf bone flute. That would kick ass.

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