Do not buy these toys for your kids -

Do not buy these toys for your kids

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There have been several instances of children’s toys that have been deemed dangerous and have been recalled by manufacturers or banned by governments. Some examples of these types of toys include:

Choking hazards: Small toys or toy parts that can fit in a child’s mouth and pose a choking hazard, such as small balls or small parts of construction sets, have been a common issue.

Toxic materials: Some toys have been found to contain toxic materials, such as lead paint or harmful chemicals, which can be harmful if ingested or inhaled.

Sharp edges or points: Toys with sharp edges or points, such as certain types of building blocks or action figures, can pose a risk of injury if a child falls on them or plays with them in a rough manner.

Strangulation hazards: Toys with long cords or strings, such as certain types of dolls or pull toys, can pose a strangulation hazard if a child becomes entangled in them.

Projectile toys: Toys that shoot objects, such as toy guns or dart guns, can pose a risk of injury if a child is hit by the projectile or if the projectile is aimed at someone’s eye.

It is important for parents to carefully read and follow all safety warnings and instructions that come with children’s toys, and to regularly inspect toys for any potential hazards. If a toy is found to be defective or dangerous, it should be disposed of immediately.

Clackers were a type of toy that were popular in the 1970s. They consisted of two plastic balls attached to a cord, which a person could hold in their hand and make clack together by swinging their arm back and forth. However, Clackers were also known to be dangerous, as the plastic balls could break apart upon impact and release small, sharp plastic shards that posed a risk of injury to children. In some countries, Clackers were banned or recalled due to their potential for causing injury. It is important for parents to be aware of the potential risks and hazards associated with children’s toys, and to carefully read and follow all safety warnings and instructions that come with them.

Easy-Bake Oven is a toy oven that was introduced by Kenner Products in 1963. It is designed for children to use to bake small, simple foods such as cookies and cakes. The toy oven uses a small light bulb as a heat source and comes with mixes and pans that can be used to bake small amounts of food. Easy-Bake Ovens have been popular with children for many years and are still being made today. However, they have also been the subject of some safety concerns, as the heating element can become hot enough to burn children if they accidentally touch it. As with any toy, it is important for parents to closely supervise children while they are using the Easy-Bake Oven and to follow all safety instructions and warnings provided by the manufacturer.

Rollerblade Barbie was a version of the popular Barbie doll that was released in the 1990s. It featured a Barbie doll dressed in rollerblading gear, complete with rollerblades that could be attached to the doll’s feet. Rollerblade Barbie was intended to promote an active, healthy lifestyle and encourage children to engage in physical activity. It was a popular toy at the time of its release, but like any toy involving physical activity, it is important for parents to closely supervise children while they are using it and to ensure that they use it safely. Rollerblades can pose a risk of injury if not used properly, so it is important for children to be properly instructed on how to use them and to always wear protective gear when rollerblading.

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  1. You know the cabbage patch dolls?

    Well my mum used to have one in the 1990’s and she has a picture of it on her phone and I was shocked because I didn’t know my mum would have one when she was younger I wanted to show it to my friends which I will one day and they will be surprised lol

  2. We have that clacker in the Philippines that language is lato lato

  3. Ain’t no wayy there were legally allowed to equip kids with fire 💀


  5. Isn’t that why they call it the craker😂

  6. Clacker in Indonesian says lato-lato, in Indonesian. Is so much kids playing with lato-lato, and nothing fly. Because the Roop is strong

  7. *But in the philipines we still play clakers

  8. The clakers!
    These balls are annoying when they smack when your playing with them😊

  9. what the first one was called
    my country:lato lato

  10. In the pilipines clakers are latolato

  11. Did you know I live in Malaysia and clackers are call lato lato in my country and I have one!!!

  12. Thats not clacker that is….

    If you love Philippines🇵🇭 💙🤍❤
    Comment me!

  13. is the number 1toy is LATO LATO we have that in the Philippines

  14. Clacker balls, are my favorite!!
    I have like 70 of them in different color.⭐️😶

  15. I have a easy bake oven, not opened at all

  16. Me trying not to laugh him saying balls so many times

  17. in malaysia the clacker clappers were very popular. it is called "lato-lato" so i am familiar with the clacker clappers.

  18. American: oo what a nice clackers
    Filipinos: bruh 💀

  19. Hey im still 8 i saw my friend have one of these IT DIDNT EVEN BROKE

  20. Yo yall got galsses?
    "Nah But we got clackers"

  21. I still have my clackers, easy bake oven and my roller blade barbie-

  22. The first toy is called latu ltau in my country

  23. "Most dangerous kids toys"
    "Number 1: Spring Bonnie costume for kids"

  24. Filipinos: Those are not Clackers
    Americans: Those are Clackers

  25. "Can I have a lato lato?"
    Philippines only understand

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