Creating a Scene for my 3D Pixel Art Game -

Creating a Scene for my 3D Pixel Art Game

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Date of Recording: 2020-11-14

I took a bit of a break from the usual tech updates this week to record a making-of video detailing what it’s like to create a scene from start to finish in the Unity-based pixel art game engine I’ve been developing.

I found some neat modifier stack tricks in Blender for creating procedural, non-destructive details for rocks, stone bricks, and trees. This saves a lot of asset-creation time, which should hopefully make it more feasible for me to create a large game world without a huge team.

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  1. Great video man! Thanks for sharing. I'm still pretty new so this was super helpful!

  2. I want to make different designs but having a ultra low laptop can you tell me your system specification

  3. Did you learn all that things on the internet really?Omg nice work dude i really appreciate that art.İ interested that kind of works and i want to create a one too.
    By the way you make me love pixel art.

  4. very impressive. After I played through a short hike I knew that this was the style I wanted to go for.

  5. 3d…. pixel art….

    3D……. Pixel Art…..


  6. Looks absolutely majestic
    But I really expected you to turn the camera 👿

  7. สุดยอด! มันสวยมาก

  8. leaves made from spheres and rocks being low poly distorted cubes is such a familiar aesthetic in these indie games tbh

  9. This is what I wish games like Octopath looked like, instead of awkward shading on pixel art "cardboard cutouts"

  10. What software do you use to make games?

  11. i accidentally click on this because it look like genshin impact, but i’m not mad at all 😍 look amazing

  12. almost feels like cheating but the final result is so good, i want to try it

  13. How did you make the textures? Did you paint them in a pixel art program?

  14. can you make a proper tutorial on how to make 3D objects look like pixelart?

  15. Watched this video over 10 times now and im every time blown away by the artstyle and the way it works. I would love to see a video on how to create the sprites for the grass and trees. Cool video 😀

  16. Man thank you for your video?
    First of all I love to watch time laps-blender builds. They are really entertaining to watch and often I discover a few new tricks.
    Even more so when there is some commentary!

  17. Bro iam new in blender. As a rookie where do i start first till i can make another 3d form just like yours

  18. WHAT??? How did you manage to turn 3d art into a pixelated look? From the end results, it looks entirely pixel art. I have always struggled to figure out how 3d art can mimic pixel art as much as possible. I would have loved to see how that was done in the video. Any technical details are appreciated. Thank you.

  19. I love that procedural displacement stuff, then the decimation to the low poly look… too bad I use Maya and have no idea if there's an equivalent outside of manual Booleans and extrusions…

  20. I really wish, I had even a bit of your skills. I think I will give Blender another try.

  21. I absolutely love this art style. the combination of pixels and realistic reflections in the water make it look to warm but immersive at the same time.

  22. this is so beautiful i cant wait for this to come out

  23. This reminds me a bit of Disney's deep canvas technique.

  24. This looks SO GOOD. I need to play this game so bad….

  25. Can I ask how do you did the displacement for the rocks? It looks hand made but you say it’s procedural, how was it done?

  26. Bro that's cheating…

    But I love it xD

  27. I know nothing about game development but I want to make one in this 3d pixel style so thing like how dead cells is rendered. This look amazing my guy

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