Creating a Scene for my 3D Pixel Art Game -

Creating a Scene for my 3D Pixel Art Game

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Date of Recording: 2020-11-14

I took a bit of a break from the usual tech updates this week to record a making-of video detailing what it’s like to create a scene from start to finish in the Unity-based pixel art game engine I’ve been developing.

I found some neat modifier stack tricks in Blender for creating procedural, non-destructive details for rocks, stone bricks, and trees. This saves a lot of asset-creation time, which should hopefully make it more feasible for me to create a large game world without a huge team.

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  1. I blurted out “Woah” when I saw the finished product. Insane!

  2. Would love to know how you are highlighting edges! Have been toying around with shaders, and all the examples I found require baking vertex data to achieve something similar to you.

  3. I can't even begin to work out how you're determining which edges get brightly lined, and which ones darkly lined.

  4. Thank you, o kind algorithm gods, for this wonderful suggestion

  5. wow looks amazing! How are the leaves and grass animated? Through sprite flipbook by any chance? Are they placed down manually on the scence mesh? Or are they proceduarlly placed through engine logic?

  6. The end result is amazing, it doesn't even look like it's 3D, the pixel art aspect is very well done, are you making the game engine ?

  7. Ok but that's not the interesting part. I wanna see the visual trickery used for rendering, not your lowpoly modeling workflow.

  8. Yooo, those materials that You using are just insane. They are giving so much to this project

  9. Ok this is cool and all but all I DIDN'T know was how to achieve a pixel-art style in Unity, suggested by the thumbnail
    That's the only thing that's not in the video ;-;

  10. The pixel engine part blows my mind, the finish is so cool

  11. Please do some tutorials on this.. I wanna learn stylizing!!

  12. I love this and I hope you've made progress on this game!

  13. as someone who just sometimes models and rigs random unpainted monsters in blender for fun, this makes game scenery and for some reason, breath of the wild scenery, even MORE breathtaking. thank you.

  14. Can you make a tutorial on that brick and trees ? Thanks

  15. him: making my 3d pixel art game

    me: … … holup

  16. Wow, the final scene is amazing!!! Congratulations and thanks for sharing 👍

  17. how exactly pixelated effect is made is it like some sort of shader? or camera scrpit?

  18. Impressive. I'm making a game as well, a metroidvania more specifically, that is entirely hand drawn 2d in an anime style. Could you tell us what kind of game this is going to be?

  19. How does one prevent pixels from jittering along the edges when moving the camera? That's where all my attempts at implenting 3d pixel shaders seem to go wrong, it just doesn't look natural like this.

  20. hello, your works impress me, I very love your grass material, could you have a plan share something about it?

  21. How do you manage to get the pixel art effect without a render texture? or is it hidden away inside the camera controller thing you have set up?

  22. Beautiful work! it looks amazing and very unique style

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