Crazy AI Tech Allows ANYONE To Build 3D Games -

Crazy AI Tech Allows ANYONE To Build 3D Games

Matt Wolfe
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In this video, I’m exploring all of the cool AI tools that allow anyone, even non-coders like me, to create crazy 3D worlds and characters and compete with AAA game studios.

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  1. oh fk, these tools seems powerful, do you know any ai tool to make skils/abilities?

  2. Tbh best ai for games is chatgpt only limiatation no custom made stuff, basically infinite posibility scripts and tutorials, if you learn a unity without coding you can make games easy with chatgpt, im literally making first person horror game whilr knoeing 0 codeing and its working well, ofc longer but it does work

  3. I think whats going to happen you will start to get Games that all look and feel the same this is happening with AI art it all look the same. and now that we know how some of theses database/datasets are made as an 3d artist im going to make sure that my art dosent end up in one, this will also make all AI assets look the same artist are going to be more protective of their art less open to keep it from being added to a Database without their permission. having said that i cant wait for AI retopoloy and UV tools and I really like the Texture tools as well.

  4. Imagine creating any game you want … then play it. And nobody will ever be able to play it

  5. well that search system for models inside roblox marketplace is good
    but its not pre generated
    its made by other ppls who uploaded em into marketplace
    its not a good idea to use those models

  6. I’m getting too excited! The world is changing fast and I love it!

  7. if u think u can make a selling game with these obscene AI tools you mentioned you are delusional.

  8. AI doesn't just write the game code, it can implement it instantly for you too!

  9. As a video game dev my biggest concern is that game investors will be looking forward to investing less in people and getting very few to try and do the most with AI, it won't speed up the process, it will reduce the cost and ultimately lead to worse and less artistic results.

  10. What a very informative video! Thank you for the early heads up! Great channel! Subscribed with the bell!

  11. I can create, have created those now but the problem is how do you get them sold without having to spend 2 million in marketing?


  13. The problem is supply and demand… It is already very hard to make a living as a game dev.. I suppose most of these games are garbage but how does this industry work when anyone can make games by typing in text…. Also if that is the case why are game studios still putting out garbage games?

  14. These tools can help to buid the game but full process requires human interaction

  15. Ok. This is Interesting Because there were Stories a couple weeks ago about Steam and Valve Cutting down on Games with AI Art.

  16. AI will not be the one replacing you; rather, it is the people who use it that will take your place.

  17. it all looks like a bad joke…game development is not about writing a couple of words and getting something crookedly generated.

  18. 🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:00 🎮 Advanced AI tools are enabling anyone, even non-coders, to create highly realistic 3D video games with state-of-the-art graphics.
    01:09 🎨 Blockade Labs and Control Net are combining their technologies to allow users to draw and create 3D game worlds and scenes interactively.
    03:12 🌐 Neural Radiance Fields (Nerfs) technology allows scanning real-world objects and environments to create 3D game assets, enabling realistic in-game scenes and interactions.
    03:54 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 With Nerfs, users can scan themselves and others to become 3D characters in video games, opening up personalized and creative gameplay possibilities.
    04:47 🎭 "Instruct Nerf to Nerf" technology enables users to modify scanned Nerfs easily, changing characters or environments, making game asset customization accessible to everyone.
    06:13 👩‍💻 Unity and Unreal Engine are integrating AI tools into their platforms to simplify and accelerate game development, allowing creators to generate content and write code using natural prompts.
    08:14 🎮 Roblox is implementing AI-based code assist, making game development more accessible by allowing users to create games using simple prompts, without requiring extensive coding knowledge.
    10:06 🔮 AI tools, like Luma AI, in Roblox enable the creation of 3D assets and environments with prompt-based generation, empowering users to customize and enrich their game worlds effortlessly.
    12:09 🎮 Non-game developers can now easily create polished games using AI-powered tools, like scanning Nerfs and importing them into game engines, making game development more inclusive and accessible.

    Made with HARPA AI

  19. The future is getting so amazing its scary. Both emotions has a resulting probability. Thank you for the video. Enjoy your content a lot.

  20. Nerf the planet, use the real globe as the map. Throw in a Trevor and you got yourself a good gta6

  21. The hardes thing to do is to make good animations for youre caracter. (Sory for my english)

  22. (1:53) I object to your definition of "NeRF". Taking pictures in a circle and then using them to make a 3D model has been called "photogrammetry" for the past ten years. Google it. "NeRF" is a brand name put together by a bunch of grad students pretending that they invented something we've been using for a decade. That would be the equivalent of calling all news web sites "The Onions". They're claiming that their voxel-based storage solution is somehow different than, say, Zbrush, which is laughable. Ask yourself this simple question: Why are they called 'neural' radiance fields? What if anything is 'neural' about them?
    (4:15) Everything you're showing here is not AI-tech-related. They are using Meshlabs and other pre-existing apps to make "video game assets". The problem with these so-called "NeRFs" is that the voluminous voxel data would grind a real video game to a halt. Video game design is as much about what you don't show as it is about what you see. That's why his "laptop-human-three coins" offering stutters as he's recording it.

  23. Ready Player One is basically coming true. What a time to be alive. These all have the potential to be new “Universes” the more they get expanded. Maybe we started out like this to some extent with the hope that we could figure things out enough and create new ways of allowing things to exist and grow. You are basically a cosmic guide, thanks for this info dude!

  24. It's not that humans will be extinct that scientists and governments are afraid of… it is THIS what they fear that jobs are disappearing when AI starts generate/create games, arts, help with science, creating any kind of architecture blueprints in mater of seconds etc. If suddenly everyone can make a game, art or blueprint with press of a button, even a person with 0 IQ then suddenly no-one needs to school themselves and suddenly 10k man power becomes 1 and what's left? All the dirty job that can't be done by an AI that no-one wants to do.
    When AI can create this kind of content it will be a hard hit for the world economy.

    Why so many people say that we have to put a stop for it. Because the development of AI has gone to fast that people haven't had the time to interact with it, to become a part of everyday life.
    You can say people need time to get know the AI what it is capable of and how to interact with it, like people are communism… They don't want to make big changes to fast rather small changes in long term so they can adjust themselves.

  25. Love you bro, I'm gonna start creating my game app right now

  26. no such thing as under or overx hardx or etc, tallx 1uferiox bloat, doesn tmatter, ceptcuishugx, sayx, outx, can sayx, outx any nmw s perfx, no such thing as nerdx about itx, some techx s k, odesn't matter

  27. This is the best!! Please keep creating content like this.

  28. i hope this doesnt happen all them people spent so much time on games no ai it doing it i cant beleive it

  29. A couple of questions: what if you want to make old school 2D games? Can you make stylized cartoon 3D graphics? What about people who struggle with making music? Music is also important in games.

  30. Now what I want to know is when and what will their stock symbols be huge profit potential long term

  31. Bro istg I’ve got so many ideas for different game genres. And now it’s becoming so easy to bring my childhood dreams to life. I’ve got a bad ass Battle Royale game idea. RPG etc

  32. As a kid, riding through town with my parents I’d imagine me skateboarding through town. Or play tony hawks games where my town is the skate park, I’m doin it

  33. -hello, many people on the internet said that it can't be made an RTS game in blender 3d/upbge without codes (everyone shows kindergarten games on the net. and still there are some who promise…).
    I Made One.
    I have the basics. artificial intelligence is coded through logic bricks. its not Perfect but without codes it is still something……. I would like to show it to the world but I have no idea how to show it to the world….

    -I have to admit that I have no idea how to make the world see what I've done. please help.
    I'm a bit good at blender 3d/upbge but I'm retarded when it comes to putting the projects on youtube or on the internet. please help with the details.

  34. AI is Killing everything idk what I will do for a living

  35. Im a game dev and idk if I like this president, the AI is using someone else's existing code and art to make the code and art. And also, if it gets easier to make, game development will lower in wage. But it's still really cool

  36. Cool, but Ai is very far away form making full good quality games

  37. Tried blockadelbas.. The AI is very weak. And does not follow a single command, even the simplest one. It will just generate at random..

  38. Can i connect Autogen to this and have it develop a metaverse for me? One that is always growing and that it can make levels for me to go through

  39. Now is the time to learn UE 5, also Nvidia Omniverse is connecting Blender and UE5 and creating a seamless work flow. Omniverse supports and promotes open standards so objects will work across dev environments. Like it or not everything is going virtual, in fact im already virtual. People don't even know I exist!

  40. Me and my friend always said that we wanted code to be just saying it straight…and here we are.

  41. The market is about to get saturated with lots of nice looking really bad crap gameplay, keeping anything decent from ever being found. Everyone is about to see how game design is a natural talent refined with experience, and most people don't have it.

  42. Designing with AI is interesting. Not share excitement with programming. You still have to program the game logic in English. But programming.

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