Chilla's Art's Most DISTURBING Game... -

Chilla’s Art’s Most DISTURBING Game…

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Welcome to The Karaoke | ヒトカラ🎤. This one was insane! SUPPORT CHILLA’S ART ON HIS PATREON YALL (me first tho) –

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  1. Are we ganna ingore the moan in the start💀

  2. Berlin's face expression before stabbing the coach is just priceless 🤣

  3. that someone watching for the first time is me
    rip me

  4. I appreciate you reading the narration, I’m usually at work when I’m watching your videos

  5. What’s up with the closing argument music from Danganronpa in the beginning 😭

  6. Yo dawg it’s every woman worry about that I mean everyone should too 😭

  7. Moeka actually committed suicide in the ending after being the victim of the coach.. 😢

  8. I like how Berlin doesn’t say the word “trafficking” at first to avoid demonization, but continues to say it as clearly as possible a couple seconds later.

  9. boycott starbucks, yall !! free palestine 🇵🇸

  10. 3:31 Me listening to this to fall asleep💀💀 This man knows his fanbase so well

  11. “Omg what’s the left hand doing.. like why bother. I don’t have to watch you. Thank god. Let me show you how it’s done” PLZZZ Berlin PLZZZZZZZZZ

  12. The audacity of big bro to invite you out AGAIN after missing the plans earlier that day is crazy

  13. I wonder what bro was sayin when he was walking around the halls

  14. May that “coach” burn in hell istg. Was he just assaulting his students all these years??

  15. At 3:35 I fr was scooping ice cream tryna read what she was saying but then you read it 😭😭

  16. homie started singing kh song lol

  17. yall think Berlin knows its a chinchilla?………

  18. In the background doing taxes😂😂😂

  19. 18:36 Reminds me of how old berleezy used to roast cartoon intros with the way he was getting heated by the visuals 😂

  20. me a literal 4’10” Asian woman listening to Berleezy’s story: yup

  21. As a man I get so nervous walking behind a woman and we going in the same direction. So scared that she might think I was stalking her or something

  22. Not Berlin’s “GET UuP! 😫 (Meek Mill’s voice)

  23. Its crazy to me coming back to watch this but wasnt his character a girl why is dude punching on her all types of crazy like wtf?!? Combo was fresh out of tekken or mk dayam

  24. The way her face turned at the beginning of basketball practice reminded me of Shrek's face in Swamp Sim when you "win".

  25. My friend and I almost got kidnapped by these Turkish guys after the club. Only thing that saved us was I gave our DD my car keys earlier that night and he came to pick us up at the location the Turkish guys took us to.

  26. on a typewriter doing taxes??!!! that's fowl i love it. I will be filing my claims via maual typewriter from now on lmaoooo

  27. Not Berlin predicting the meek mill meme 😂

  28. Why am I getting ads ab Character ai call feature 😭🙏🏿

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