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This new Chilla’s Art game is so good. The story definitely does get creepy and wild, but the rhythm game portion eases the tone a bit lol.

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  1. btw the coach said "I won't use this as a trap, so come out. Let's go." according to google translate and my shitty spelling

  2. I have been watching plants versus zombies on your other channel I will watch this video tomorrow after school good night brother

  3. I can't believe I spelt Karaoke wrong in my title bro.. LOL (I fixed it now😭)

  4. Your vids make my day keep up the great videos bro!!

  5. Mikeeey you can try games my singing monster island megical senctum

  6. Mikeeey u Made some new natchos? Or nah Also W video have a good one

  7. i wanna clown u so bad for missing your shots but i already know u won’t let me slide w that

  8. I don’t like you….why u playing the next chilas game I was about to record😂‼️

  9. Risking my sleep to watch this vid. Its Mikeeey, I'm sure I can spare 30 minutes or so right?

  10. bro @Mikeeey life is music and any music he enjoys he makes me enjoy with a smile on my face and singing along with him

  11. CHILLA's ART HORROR RHYTHM GAME is SOOOO Good Keep The Good Work Up + You Are So Good 🙂

  12. now we all know that cory is gonna play this.

  13. getting the perfect score achievement is painful

  14. The bike scene gives silent hill vibes

  15. this game was INSANE! Loved ya gameplay my guy😌🙏🏾

  16. Anyone that speaks Japanese, could anyone translate what the coach is saying when looking for you in the game?

  17. Getting that phone call and then not immediately calling for help or something tho. that drove me insane. and letting someone bust into your room multiple times n just carry on? nah. i'd be way too unsettled.

  18. You should ride a bike somewhere scenic sometime. Borrow one from a buddy or such.

    I think the game has a 7th "ending" nobody noticed. That creeper van that was following you on the bike was parked in the karaoke lot. Obv he drugged her drink and food but when you looked at the screen and only saw ???? as the song title it was cuz she couldn't read coherently any more. Then the screen glitches and she blacks out. When she wakes up you catch a look at the door before the phone rings and I noticed it wasn't fully closed and uhhhhhhhh we didn't leave it that way. 🤢🤮

    Safety tip, if you're ever trapped anywhere take the damn hinges off the door, easier to break than the lock cuz they aren't made to be secure.

  19. This is the first video I have watched from you and your reaction was hilarious! I must say that now I am hooked on your videos haha. New subbie ☺️

  20. Cool bro i try to keep up with y bro and I can't do it well

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