Chilla's Art Games Are TERRIFYING -

Chilla’s Art Games Are TERRIFYING

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Everyone’s favourite Japanese indie horror games – Finally reviewed.

I genuinely didn’t mean for this one to go on for so long but there’s so many good games by this dev it was hard for me to leave so many out.

Definitely check out some of their games here:



0:00 Intro
1:08 Parasocial
20:54 The Convenience Store
29:47 Shinkansen
36:08 Night Security
48:40 Outro


  1. dude i never ever comment but you deserve so many more views! love your game play and explanations, i personally enjoy chillas art sooo much so im glad this got on my recommended

  2. ur voice including whats happening in the background is not good for me any my sick home alone ass its chilling its cold help im dying, im not even playing the game im scared

  3. I gotta check this dudes games out! Thanks for opening my gaming pallet, Gaming Dillion!

  4. I was looking for comments to read and I was confused on why there were none and then I checked your views and channel and I was blown away on how small you are cause this content is absolutely great!! Definitely have got a new sub

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