Chilla's Art Games Are Scary | The Karaoke | #short #shorts -

Chilla’s Art Games Are Scary | The Karaoke | #short #shorts

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The new Chilla’s Art game is out and it’s… surprise very scary.

The Karaoke is a first person indie horror game from the studio Chilla’s Art. Experience this indie horror game in first person view as you try to figure out how to stop a tragic event at the Karaoke Bar.

The Karaoke is a horror game by Chilla’s Art in which you explore an everyday person’s dark situation.

The Karaoke | ヒトカラ is a Japanese horror game about a high school girl at a Karaoke.

Did you know I stream live 4 days a week? Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We play all the new indie horror games that you could possibly want and we are constantly uploading all of the videos here to Youtube as well! Link below for Twitch.

This horror game reaction and gameplay are created on Youtube and Twitch similar to creators such as Markiplier, Jacksepticeye and John Wolfe. If you enjoy that type of content then you may have found your new home!

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Burn bright everybody,
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  1. I'm a returning viewer every now and then but honestly not used to the mustache also I was here since the sectors edge video if that has any correlation

  2. "Nothing bad's gonna happen" – This is the part he f'ed up XD LMAO

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