Character art pipeline in video game industry Part01 -

Character art pipeline in video game industry Part01

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In this video, I explain how characters are made for video games and share the whole process and the pipeline.
this video is a good general idea for anyone to understand the pipeline better! if you want to work in the game industry as a character artist, you will definitely need to have some general knowledge about the character art pipeline and the process. when you go to game job interviews, they will ask you key questions about the process and the way you answer them shows how much experience you have.
This is the first part and I had to split it into two parts so that I can explain the whole process.
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  1. سیامک یک پیشنهاد دارم . یوتیوب مملو از این سبک ویدئوها به زبان انگلسیس هست . بنظرم اگر ویدئوهات رو به زبان فارسی منتشر کنی بی شک تعداد بیننده هات بسیار بیشتر خواهد شد .
    البته فقط یک پیشنهاد بود رفیق

  2. perfect and unique video, I'm excited for the next one 😀

  3. When you were talking about the block out model, the example you showed had a lot more detail and work done than I was expecting. Is that the normal level of detail and work expected on a block out model? 15:30

  4. following you since the atlas of CG 🙂
    amazing stuff and amazing efforts as always
    thx man

  5. Awesome, bro. Look forward to some character modelling stuff in here, keep them coming.

  6. Can i make a career just out of modeling characters, meaning no texturing, retopo etc?

  7. hey nice video ! my question is, can i have the reference of your chair ? i have been looking for something like this..

  8. Every time you say "I will cover that in a separate video" I just get more and more excited! Keep up the awesome work! Can't wait for the rest of the videos!

  9. Amazing video. You described in detail about character art pipeline. Thanks for the video. I am going to SUBSCRIBE you 🙂

  10. Very good and interesting video! 😀 Would love to see more.

    I would like to see a pipeline for character hair/grooming. There are a lot of different methods like xGen or 3D-modeled hair. So a guide/pipeline when to use wich technique and what issues could appear would be very nice! 😀

  11. Very valuable informations. I suggest you reduce music

  12. very good… Excellent video!! thanks!!

  13. Damn dude. Really top quality video and info. Keep it up!

  14. This is amazing !!! Quality thought process and execution is perfect !<3

  15. Love it!! Very informative, to the point stuff in awesome quality, keep this up Siamak. Waiting p02👏👏

  16. Deserve more subcribers, YOUTUBE DO YOUR FREAKIN JOB

  17. amazing.
    I would like to see hard surface retopo process for the game environment.
    Xgen to realtime hair making process.
    Thank you, sir!

  18. I learned a lot from this video! Now I know the importance of communication in these teams.

  19. Hi, Can I know which pen tablet do you use for zbrush? and do you continuously tap the pen button for navigation? I have used a huion pen tablet, and I continuously tap the pen button for navigation, Suddenly it stopped working and stuttering I think its pen buttons are not durable.

  20. Thank you so much for these videos. You know what would be great? A full on course for a AAA game character creation from modeling to texturing but without the annoying fast forwarding and weird skipping of specific parts of the process. I would absolutely instantly buy it. Just food for thought… I know schedule might be an issue but I'd assume I'm not alone when I suggest this. Thx again for the vids!

  21. great video Good Luck, is it good to work on all the different types, or you should just to stick to a one type?

  22. Wish there was a video just like this but for character animation. talking about constraints, dopesheets, storyboarding, workflows, actor analysis, etc.

  23. you said that other teams like rigging and animation can start testing the block out model, so it means even the block out should have a clean topoloy already? also great and useful video as always

  24. How much time to finish a character fully in AAA. Quality and scope of the project and timeline is distube a quality in some project is it correct ????

  25. Hello Siamak,

    Do you think you can make a tutorial on creating a realistic persons head please? I know there is some here on Youtube but they don't explain why they're doing certain things, its more of a "look at me and follow along". I would like to know why they use certain brushes for certain areas, what are the best brushes to make eye lids and why, which brushes not to use for eyelids etc… I would really appreciate a detailed tutorial.

  26. Zbrush.. Open.. Sphere.. More spheres.. Move tool… Refine.. Silhouette… Refine.. Dynamesh a million times… Sculpt… Refine… Add details… Finished high poly… Save a billion trillion times just in case… Low poly… Pull out you hair cause zbrush doesn't want to give it up… Zremesher.. Dynamesh… Unwrap… Infinite handle loop… Scream… Paint or project details onto low rez… Texture and normal map… Let out sigh of relief… Open max or goz.. Cat rig… Weight bones to mesh… Mirror mode… Sigh… Half an hour later… Mirror mode… Test rig… Export… Import into substance painter… Scratch head and wonder why all this shit isn't in zbrush… Export maps after setting up materials… Import skeletal mesh into unreal engine… Cross fingers.. Check poly count after import… Setup materials… Sigh… Apply materials… Set up in player blueprint… Test… Spend half an hour tweaking materials cause substance painter is shit… Sigh… Run around and kill shit… The end…

  27. Hi!
    Do you use 1 tile when Uving a single character or a UDIM system for heroes and NPCs?

  28. داداش منظور از pipeline چیه؟؟

  29. Hey, do you have any input on Pipelines for multiple layer clothing that has a chance to have inner layers pop through the outer layers E.g. Skin poking through T Shirts and T Shirts poking through Jackets? Either in T Pose or Animated and what solutions might be used to solve these?

  30. Hey man! What Tablet do you use for ZBrush/Sculpting?

  31. I enjoyed your useful video Siamak Jan!

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