CGMA | Mobile Game Art 1: Buildings and Props - Isaak Lien -

CGMA | Mobile Game Art 1: Buildings and Props – Isaak Lien

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Students will learn about the art side of the mobile game industry in general and how to design, research, and create tileable isometric buildings and props from thumbnail sketches to final renderings. By the end of the course, students will be able to comfortably know how to design buildings and props with mobile phone limitations in mind. Specifically, they gain knowledge on how to go about the researching style, theme, pinpoint a demographic for the game, creating meaningful thumbnails, refining sketches, create effective color schemes, create stages and levels for modular isometric building and prop tiles and how to present them. Assets created in the course could be used for production art in 2D and concept art for 3D mobile games.

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  1. My question is how beginner friendly is this course? Like is this for people who have been doing mobile game type art for a while and this is kind of a “finishing” course or would this course be suitable for those where this is their first time doing mobile game art?

  2. Hi, is there still space on this course for the 11th of Oct?

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