Bzzzt Game - Jungle environment pixel art creation -

Bzzzt Game – Jungle environment pixel art creation

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10.5 hours spent on drawing this pixel art environment – shrunk to 10 minutes. If you like this video, please support me on Steam by adding the Bzzzt game to your wishlist:

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  1. Wish I was half as talented as you. That was awesome.

  2. To vypadá úplně fantasticky! Člověk si vlastně při hraní ani neuvědomí, kolik je za tím vším práce.

  3. ʸᵉᵃʰᵎᵎ े ̡̡⍤⃝  ̢̢ेे ꒳ᵒ꒳ᵎᵎ

  4. To je pecka 🙂 Super barevná paleta a detaily.

  5. I wish I was good at making colors look nice

  6. Absolutely incredible. I wish I could draw like this. beautiful.

  7. Congractulations. Beautiful pixel art.

  8. Luxusni prace. Jak postavicka, sutry, zelen, skaliska v pozadi, vodopad. Jak detaily, tak celkovy kontrast pozadi a popredi co se tyce barvy i detailu. Proste spicka! Smekam.

  9. My lord, the level of details and polishing is insane. Is this 32×32 per tile resolution? This game shows a lot of promise, good luck!

  10. Superbly Done. Played the demo. 👍❤️

  11. this is insanely cute!! can't wait for it to be out!!

  12. This is so beautiful, which size are the canvas and tiles? I've been learning pixel art myself

  13. Very nice. I like watching the time lapse not only to see the process but to also stop and appreciate the details you might miss from just looking at the finished product.

  14. It looks absolutely gorgeous! Can you show how you integrate this into your game engine of choice?

  15. Parabens,seu trabalho e muito profissional mas poderia me dizer qual tamanho do projeto que vc usa

  16. Nemám slov 😲. Spadla mi čelist. Hotovej bitmapovej orgasmus. Myslel jsem si, že se to skládá z paternů, ale takhle epicky detailní práci jsem tedy fakt vůbec nečekal. D.O.K.O.N.A.L.O.S.T.!!!!! 💜💜💜

  17. Your attention to detail is so inspiring!! Can't wait to play Bzzzt!

  18. Lmao it’s so good and bad at the same time

  19. How did you decide on colors? Did you use a pallet or just picked them as you went

  20. Hra je výborná, jen hodně stresující. Dopravam si tenhle hardcore v malých dávkách. 😺

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