Best Upcoming Pixel Art Games 2020 & Beyond -

Best Upcoming Pixel Art Games 2020 & Beyond

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I love pixel graphics and you’ll soon to after watching some of the best upcoming pixel art games in 2020 and Beyond.

If you love 2D games with pixel art style you’ll love this video.

All of these indie games look great but we’ll have to wait a little bit to play them, look at these trailers and drool all over your keyboard/mobile and add the ones you like the most to your wishlist.

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The games featured in this video (in order of appearance) are:

1-Shovel Knight Dig
2-Gestalt: Steam & Cinder
7-Hazelnut Bastille
9-Death Trash
11-Neon Abyss
12-Garden Story
14-The Iron Oath
15-Bite the Bullet
20-A Space For The Unbound

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For the 2019 games check out this video!


  1. do you have any confirmation on Eitr? its coming out since 2015….

  2. A totally unbiased suggestion passing through 😀 You might want to check Speed Limit 😛

    Btw, Carrion looks incredible. It's giving me massive The Thing vibes 🙂 Also, Backbone. Loving the noir horror atmosphere.

  3. I think that Eitr will not be released at all. It's almost 5 years after the game was first showed.

  4. Some really good choices here! Absolutely love it, especially zhelter and death trash, looking pretty neat. Actually check Elder Souls to add to next vid, pretty cool game, demo so far is pretty good. Anyway, thanks for vid, subscribed.

  5. Eitr looks absolutely amazing but its just not coming out 🙁

  6. Anyone else getting "Kimi No Na Wa" vibes watching that "A Space For The Unbound" teaser? Ok, just me then 😅

  7. The beauty of pixel art games is that they never lose their appeal, the art is always beautiful to look at.

  8. I kinda feel sad i realy like pixelated games seems kinda cool fun to play but the other games are only in pc,nintendo,ps4 lol i think i need to wair for collage and i will look kinda childish

  9. Just beat Inmost. The game is beyond compare! Go play it!

  10. The best pixel art game I ever played..?? Metal Slug X😎😎

  11. Man I got serious Mega Man vibes from 30xx

  12. Back then around 2017 I didn’t have enough for a powerful pc, so i loved playing pixel type games, now i got a decent job and invested on a beastly rig, guess what? I still play pixel type games.

  13. These pixel art games are always stirring my emotions way more than all those technically elaborated, photorealistic CGI renders nowadays. The former one summons my imagination to interprete and extrapolate this simplified reality, whereas the pre produced latter one leaves no space for such things.

  14. Have all the people realized that there social anxiety probably has to do with the reason people can't make games just games anymore? Everyone's violent.

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