Best PIXEL ART Games | Top10 Pixel-Art PC Games -

Best PIXEL ART Games | Top10 Pixel-Art PC Games

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Best PIXEL ART Games | Top10 Pixel-Art PC Games

Are you wondering what pixel art or indie game with odl school grafics you should play?
To answer this question you have to watch this compilation of the pixel art games for PC in 2020. Of course games like Celeste or Terraria are in this list of the Top10 Pixel Art PC Games.

Top 10 Games for pixel art fans who like old school looking pixel games.
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Stardew Valley, Dead Cells, Terraria, Broforce, Shovel Knight, Celeste, Enter the Gungeon, Hyper Light Drifter, Katana Zero, Street of Rogue


  1. Thanks to this video, now i can finally enjoy some pixel arts on my low end pc.

  2. Dude, nice work in the video. seems like honest and good effort

  3. Nice list but your missing "Not a Hero", that game was a fun time.

  4. lol why are you playing calamity mod for terraria, shouldn't you be showcasing vanilla terraria. just saying

  5. No.8 got same name
    But vid is good i downloaded the 8th gamr

  6. Why you missed not hero it deserved a point

  7. Very nice and helpful , i like this channel , thank you! keep up the good Work (y)

  8. This video is great but i think add more information like paid or free and size…
    Keep going

  9. You forgot 20XX, DEATH COMING and Stranger Things 3

  10. Wtf shitty top 10, everyone already know EVERY games of this list

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