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Best Pixel Art Games on PC

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Think polygons are overrated? This video is all about the best pixel art games to play on PC.

While realism is an incredible feat we love to see, it’ll never replace other artistic styles, especially the icon of all gaming: pixel art. From a requirement on games of yore to a stylistic choice for retro or cool looking games today, we’ve loved every little square. By now there have been hundreds of games that use the style but within those there are a few that took things to the next level, the Da Vincis of 8 and 16 bit.

So in this video we’ll be taking you through the best pixel art games to play on PC:

Intro 00:00
1 Stardew Valley 01:01
2 Blasphemous 01:50
3 Hyper Light Drifter 03:02
4 Celeste 04:03
5 Dead Cells 04:48
6 Superbrothers: Swords and Sorcery EP 05:40
7 A Short Hike 06:26
8 Moonlighter 07:12
9 Owlboy 08:00
10 Octopath Traveler 08:50
Outro 09:40

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  1. Watching this in 360p really sells the atmosphere

  2. All of those games are amazing

    But where is "CrossCode" or "Katana Zero" 😥

  3. Love all of these games. Without pixel art my life would be dull for me 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

  4. Good video, should get more recognition

  5. You know, the g13 is the best gaming keypad for gaming. Maybe bring it back?

  6. What about CrossCode? btw Owlboy looked fantastic. Also the number 1 spot was truly deserving, I remember seeing Octopath just when it came out 2 yrs ago and knew it was something great.

  7. Graveyard Keeper (Stardew with ehm… corpses), Loop Hero (peak Devolver), Children of Morta and Noita are also great!

  8. I got exactly half of these games for free on Epic. That's what I like about PC gaming, a lot of free games and cheap prices, unlike my Nintendo Switch where nothing is free or cheap.

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