Best of 3D Street Art Painting Amazing 3d Street Art Illusion |3D Paintings on Roads| #shorts #art -

Best of 3D Street Art Painting Amazing 3d Street Art Illusion |3D Paintings on Roads| #shorts #art

Sameer KhanYT
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10 amazing 3d painting


  1. Cameraman: 💀
    The motorcyclists on another side of painting: 💀💀💀

  2. Wow they honestly bought it. 🕉️🙏😂

  3. The other bikers noticed good artwork and just avoided going over it to keep from smudging it all up. 😊

  4. Great art and great artist! Beautiful 🎉🎉But why wasting the talent on road that would be washed away! God bless! But wait….What about 4 wheelers🤔😂

  5. 그림이 허접한데 저걸 피하네😅

  6. It's ok, doesn't look really realistic, I've seen way better, but it's ok.

  7. Boy. Please do not drive over my draws.
    Drivers. Say no more.

  8. This is not yours. Give credits to real owner! Stealer

  9. The illusion only works one way, from the side that the camera was facing!!😂

  10. Çalışma çok güzel ama kamera motosikletlerin geldiği yönün aksi tarafında dolayısı ile onların geldiği yönden bakılınca 3d gözükmez. Ters açı olur bu görüntü

  11. Let's give this guy a big thumbs up for not only his artistic ability, but he didn't add any annoying music! 🎉

  12. He asked his friends on bikes to pretend that they see something else than lines on the road?

  13. It is 3d from the angle of camera not the angle of bikers

  14. Look at the people does Crossing in actually child is a real illusion

  15. Вообще непонятно что это.

  16. 🤔 This means that the human mind is also deceived. 🤔

  17. ภาพลวงตา​👍🌹🌹🌹

  18. Parece mágico y es ARTE GRACIAS POR COMPARTIR

  19. Well I don't want to; better not run over this guys drawing?

  20. Staged, or the motorcyclists didn’t want to ruin the drawing. The illusion only works from the camera’s perspective.

  21. You make it so realistic the guy on motorcycle thought it was real and avoided it

  22. How is it possible to see inside of hole when motorcyclist comes from the other side😊

  23. That’s so awesome 😎! Great 👍 Job😊😊😊😊

  24. 👍ainsi la peur les font ralentir 😂. Faudrait faire ça un peu partout en France

  25. 🤬🤬🤬😠😠😠 are bad for the drawing that motor

  26. These are amazing but theres something off about this one , i think the angle is incorrect

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