BEST LOOKING Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games -

BEST LOOKING Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games

Best Indie Games
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If you know me, I LOVE my pixel art indie games, so here are a selection of titles that look awesome, although they all do not have release dates/windows.

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00:16 ► #15 Sons of Valhalla :
00:28 ► #14 The Drifter :
00:53 ► #13 EITR :
01:44 ► #12 UFO 50 :
03:06 ► #11 A Space for the Unbound :
04:05 ► #10 Aethyr :
05:37 ► #9 Blade Assault :
06:41 ► #8 The Iron Oath :
07:27 ► #7 Tiny Thor :
08:08 ► #6 Eastward :
08:49 ► #5 :
09:55 ► #4 :
10:11 ► #3 :
11:39 ► #2 :
12:33 ► #1 :

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I’m Clement, nice to meet you! I have a passion for Indie Games due to how fun, creative and OUT OF THIS WORLD they can be, so this channel helps get the word out on the Best Indie Games.

Feel free to get in touch via Twitter / email for comments, requests or just to make a human connection and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

PS: Most of the links above are tied to some affiliate program where I do get a percentage of the sales, so thank you for supporting the channel.
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  1. Basically a list of game that never coming out 😅

  2. I'm a Kickstarter backer of 'Heart Forth, Alicia'. I hope it's released someday because it looks so fun to play. The demo they released a few years ago was amazing.

  3. The Last Night makes me cry whenever I compare it with Haiku 😂 but I’m looking forward to that game’s release most!

  4. Tiny Thor looks fantastic! Eastward is on my compass. That's cool games we have here

  5. 12:21: I agree with Tim. Makes me want to buy his game even more now.

  6. Here I love Sons of Valhalla and The Iron Oath of course. Love all your videos and taking inspiration from them. Wish you the best

  7. Parabéns pele vídeo, amigo! Será que, Eitr sai esse ano? Faz muito tempo que foi ele anunciado…

  8. Blade Assault is a definite buy for🙂🙂 my kind of game. Very excited for that, I see a late April or early May release for that.

    Though I recently decided to sign up for gamepass on PC. Loving the variety and savings, downloaded Carrion.

    Awesome game but I'm stuck, can I get some help? Thanks.

  9. UFO 50 looks incredibly cool, I had not heard of it before but definitely will pick that up!

  10. WHENIS THE LAST NIGHT COMING OUT? IS IT EVER COMING OUT? THE WAITING IS KILLING ME XD sorry for the all caps, I wanted my despair to come through, lol

  11. Lol one of my character designs was accepted into faelands, not sure what they are going to do with it xD

  12. Today's pixel art is nothing when compared to the old ones. Really miss those stuff made by capcom n such. Sons of balhala n blade one is looking quite good though.

  13. Heart Forth, Alicia looks good, and UFO 50 is a pretty cool project and i am glad its happening.

  14. The last night and Eastward for me are the most desirable ones

  15. A Space for the unbownd needs to come to Mobile

  16. 11 looks great. And 2 looks pretty amazing though that one is almost more 3D than 2D

  17. Try my new game for Android … Tiny Pixel Dungeon. 🙂

  18. Idk what to feel by now, if 99% of games on these lists are tba, like should menorize things? I rly would appreciate videos with game only with a release date

  19. About Eitr, there are also some updates on the Discord

  20. hello I have a question. When the platform jumps from the effector, ground control is grounded and double-jumping is enabled. How do I solve this problem?

  21. all looking good (seems UFO is not about fidelity but variety)

  22. EITR has been on my wishlist forever…

  23. Can't help but feel hopeless for Faeland and The Last Light. Both seem pretty much dead. So unfortunate 🙁

  24. Man, here we go again, not a single uninteresting title….and the pixel art from "sons of Valhalla" is other level.

  25. Holy ravioli, this is an impressive list! Very very much looking forward to Sons of Valhalla, The Drifter, Eitr, UFO 50, A Space for the Unbound, Aethyr, DeathStick, Faeland, The Last Night, and Heart Forth Alicia!

  26. These pixel art games are always stirring my emotions way more than all those technically elaborated, photorealistic CGI renders nowadays. The former one summons my imagination to interprete and extrapolate this simplified reality, whereas the pre produced latter one leaves no space for such things.

  27. i no longer want to hear about Eitr anymore…my hype for this game went through the roof so much it gained a lot of gravity and grashed back on earth!

  28. I just saw the news about days gone not gonna have a sequel cause it had all that negative and mixed criticism for no reason at all and it was one of my favorite games of all times so i completely lost my faith in AAA games devs and publishers but i watched this video and instantly knew pixle art and indie devs is the best and they are the future of the gaming industry i want and need

  29. I appreciate your channel so much thank you for all your hard work!!

  30. About Akatori… they're saying that it's confirmed for next year.

  31. Hi Best Indie Games. How can i send you a message about a Indie tittle? Thanks a lot for the great content always

  32. @best indie games Hello Clemmy, can you help me? – I am looking for a pixel game that i probably saw somewhere on your channel.
    It is a game with monsters going trough a city destroying everything.
    You play as one of the monsters. It is like the classic game "rampage". And i remember one of the monsters being a big squid.
    If you could remember the game and help me that would be very nice. Thank you in advance!

  33. Why do you even bring up Eitr bro? The game is dead.

  34. I can't get enough pixel art Metroidvanias! I've discovered so many with your channel. Thank you!

  35. For this list, I'm really excited about these games:
    1- The Last Night
    2- Eastward
    3- Aethyr
    4- Blade Assault
    5- Akatori
    6- Eitr
    7- Faeland

  36. Ótima lista, amigo! Será que Eitr sai um dia?

  37. For me:

    The Drifter
    Blade Assualt
    LeiLani's Island
    Tiny Thor
    and the Last Night

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