BEST LOOKING Pixel Art Indie Games of ALL TIME -

BEST LOOKING Pixel Art Indie Games of ALL TIME

Best Indie Games
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Love me some pixel art so here are 25 beautiful looking indie games!

00:00 ► Start
00:10 ► 25. Celeste :
00:58 ► 24. Children of Morta :
01:42 ► 23. Kingdom: Two Crowns :
02:35 ► 22. Dead Cells :
03:22 ► 21. CrossCode :
04:36 ► 20. Xeno Crisis :
05:14 ► 19. Death’s Gambit :
06:08 ► 18. Sparklite :
06:33 ► 17. INMOST :
07:20 ► 16. Wargroove :
08:20 ► 15. Touhou Luna Nights :
09:22 ► 14. ScourgeBringer :
10:07 ► 13. Jamestown+ :
10:48 ► 12. Pathway :
11:50 ► 11. The Messenger :
12:50 ► 10. The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] :
13:31 ► 9. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove :
14:44 ► 8. Hyper Light Drifter :
15:11 ► 7. WORLD OF HORROR :
15:59 ► 6. Iconoclasts :
17:17 ► #5 :
18:24 ► #4 :
19:12 ► #3 :
20:03 ► #2 :
20:56 ► #1 :

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I’m Clement, nice to meet you! I have a passion for Indie Games due to how fun, creative and OUT OF THIS WORLD they can be, so this channel helps get the word out on the Best Indie Games.

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  1. 7:12 now I have played through Inmost and never have I seen that scene
    I feel robbed

  2. Wargroove came so close to delivering the Advanced Wars experience for me, but ultimately spear meta made me unable to stick with it.

  3. These are all really good picks, but i have to throw in Huntdown. This Cyberpunk game is more quality than 2077 ever could be.

  4. are you from indonesia? your accent tells me so

  5. Fun fact, the guy that did the music for, Sparklite, also did the music for Wizard of Legend, and for, Dreamscaper.

  6. I love pixel art as long as they stay away from the Secret of Mana esthetic. To me that's a big red flag.

  7. touhou luna nights remind me of castlevania sotn

  8. Gorgeous games!!!! Give "Indivisible", "spiritfarer" and "wildfire" some love too! 🙂

  9. Hey, where is the character from the thumbnail from?

  10. What is the game on the Thumbnail they always manage to leave that out

  11. Celeste? Take away the hype and story ND put it next to any other pixel art game and it looks booty

  12. The messenger is just a ninja gaiden ripoff.

  13. Blasphemous is the best looking one hands down and the hardest to beat.

  14. Amazing list, and I would like to add to this list Moonlighter, Stardew Valley, Metal Slug.

  15. Which game did the dragon in the thumbnail come from?

  16. Wallachia is a cool Shinobi 3 type game. Inexpensive too. I'd like to see a high bit pixel art list. I really love the look of games like Ori, Vigil (I'll use your link to buy🙂), and bloodstained ritual.

  17. An honorable mention for me would be Ghost 1.0

  18. Once The Last Night is released, it will be on top of this list for sure :)))

  19. -insertar nombre de usuario genérico- says:

    now the best for me is hyper light drifter, but im really excited to see the last night, hope they release it soon

  20. What game is that on thumbnail

    Can anyone tell me

  21. just WOW you missed so many buddy. Where's my buddy Into the Breach?

  22. Very nice. I like most of your selections.

  23. 8:23 how do i get into the touhou series what should i start first?

  24. I just saw Death Gambit in the thumbnail, so heres a like, a comment and a suscription!

  25. Pathway is good game
    Due to lack of tutorial , its hard for people and starts to hate it
    Allocation of resources
    Going in a strategic
    Not going to a battle without omar

  26. 'The Koala Rebellion'. Great Pixelart job. @t

  27. I always seem to come across your videos when doing my gamedev research, so you are doing something right 😀

  28. Crosscode is such a hidden gem, highly reccomended.

  29. I wonder if we'll see The Last Faith in an updated list someday. Can't wait for that game.

  30. Hyper light drifter and shovel knights in the same list…

  31. Cheers nice list, i was thinking were is blasphemous until hit one 10/10 :p

    Even it, i will put Huntdown on the list rly awsome title.

  32. I really like how blasphemous plays but I can't get myself to like the main character's design…

  33. Star renegades now on gamepass, hopefully gets the attention it deserves

  34. Those games are really awesome, but I thought you would put Moonlighter here as well…

  35. I love The Eternal Castle. Something about the atmosphere is just immaculate.

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