BEST LOOKING Pixel Art Indie Games of ALL TIME -

BEST LOOKING Pixel Art Indie Games of ALL TIME

Best Indie Games
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Pixel art can be REALLY GORGEOUS when done right, so here’s my Top 15 picks of indie games which have done so and are a treat for the eyes!

00:00 ► Owlboy
00:27 ► #15 Dead Cells :
01:20 ► #14 Noita :
02:31 ► #13 Wargroove :
03:08 ► #12 The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] :
03:50 ► #11 Cyber Shadow :
04:36 ► #10 Touhou Luna Nights :
05:27 ► #9 Blazing Chrome :
06:33 ► #8 Steel Assault :
07:53 ► #7 Iconoclasts :
08:58 ► #6 Death’s Gambit: Afterlife :
10:01 ► #5 :
11:11 ► #4 :
12:02 ► #3 :
12:54 ► #2 :
13:56 ► #1 :

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  1. Blasphemous deserved the first place. It's the best metroidVania since Castlevania symphony of the night.

  2. Hope cybershadow get physical release by a limited run games company

  3. Where is Kemono heroes and A hole new world from Mad Gear Games?

  4. Wish I could see Cross Code on these list, such an underated Indie game. I also like it's genre more than normal platformer

  5. I had no idea there were so many amazing indie pixel titles. thanks for the list, definitely gonna check some of these out

  6. this game came out 3 days after you uploaded this list but Inscryption should definitely be on there 🙂

  7. I'm a huge fan of deaths gambit, so it's nice to see it being mentioned here

  8. wow I would have thought Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in wonder labyrinth would be on this list, anyway great video.

  9. Not a fan of pixel art generally, but giving the #1 spot to Blasphemous here is 1000% deserved. Incredible game with an incredible artstyle.

  10. Do you know game like Starbound? Open world, magic and crpg?

  11. What game is in the Thumbnail?

  12. Pixel art is very beautiful but it will never surpass a good 3D model

  13. What about Panzer Paladin? A great game with such authentic and nostalgic art style.

  14. When did Raster graphics become 'pixel art' graphics?

  15. Nice chart, I suggest to add Narita Boy and The Last Faith 😀

  16. Geaemeteweo Dieallergeilstegamingshow says:

    No Celeste? Sorry, that's a downvote

  17. Hyper light drifter isn't here ? For me it's the best pixelart game in animation

  18. Metal Slug (the first one, arcade) is the best pixel art game ever created. Not even on this list. Also, sorry for being brutally honest, but please learn English… your accent is atrocious.

  19. How the hell is Valfaris and Children of Morta not on this list?

  20. i love pixel art! i prefer those that try to mimic 16 bit and 32 bit era rather than the 8 bit ones. these games also age very well

  21. Wow great list, about to get many of these. Thanks dude and keep the vids coming. Take care.

  22. Where is bloodstained? Dude u miss a masterwork!

  23. Aquaria – I don't think anything better will be created over next 100 years. Check it out people.

  24. OCTOPATH TRAVELLER is pixel art too, some BoomerShooter look great too

  25. I'm surprised The Messenger didn't make this list.

  26. Thanks for the list ! Owlboy, Eastward and Blasphemous are absolutely gorgeous.

  27. the games on here all look really cool, but what do you think about Narita Boy? and is it in you top 25 or top 50 or something else?

  28. Sometimes it hurts me to see that we lack pixel catselvania like games like this on mobile devices. Almost every game in the past were like this back when we used Nokia phones with buttons like prince of persia, assassins creed, Mission impossible and the likes. Now all we get are hack and slash, ad filled side scrolling games with no platforms and puzzles involved. At least we got dead cells though

  29. I would add Narita Boy! It's one of the games that stands out for its ✨pixel art✨ graphics!

  30. I dunno, I would say some of them just pixel art games, not really best one. Many visually more interesting titles has been left out. Hyper Light Drifter, Celeste, Super Meat Boy, Moonlighter

  31. Death's Gambit: A mix of Dark Souls and Metroidvania.
    I absolutely love it, really!

  32. i hadnt heard of wargroove but i might pick it up since it looks so much like advance wars and I love AW

  33. Nice to see that The Eternal Castle gets it‘s attention it deserves

  34. What's the game in the thumbnail? I don't recognize it.

  35. What game is the thumbnail I just got into indie games looking for fast paced one's

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