BEST LOOKING Pixel Art Indie Games of 2020 -

BEST LOOKING Pixel Art Indie Games of 2020

Best Indie Games
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Time flies! It’s already a month into the new year but let’s just take a minute to once again appreciate the best looking pixel art indie games of 2020!

00:00 ► Start
00:14 ► #20 Serin Fate :
00:32 ► #19 Radical Rabbit Stew :
01:04 ► #18 Mists of Noyah :
01:55 ► #17 Coffee Talk :
02:42 ► #16 I, Dracula: Genesis :
03:29 ► #15 Atomicrops :
04:09 ► #14 Evan’s Remains :
05:04 ► #13 Morbid: The Seven Acolytes :
05:47 ► #12 Monster Sanctuary :
06:33 ► #11 Prodigal :
07:23 ► #10 WORLD OF HORROR :
08:11 ► #9 Prodeus :
09:10 ► #8 ScourgeBringer :
10:01 ► #7 Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 :
11:18 ► #6 Panzer Paladin :
12:07 ► #5 :
13:00 ► #4 :
14:04 ► #3 :
14:43 ► #2 :
15:42 ► #1 :

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I’m Clement, nice to meet you! I have a passion for Indie Games due to how fun, creative and OUT OF THIS WORLD they can be, so this channel helps get the word out on the Best Indie Games.

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  1. Prodeus is a really interesting one. With its powerful level editor and in-game custom level browser, I can see this being a main stay for many.

  2. Still hate the concept slotting of weapons in Panzer Paladins. I end up in situations where I have nothing to slot, or slotting the weapon I really wanted to use for the boss. It's such a cool game otherwise but that always makes me put it down and play something else.

  3. I'm getting into development now! I'm 12 pages deep in notes on my title. I haven't worked this consistently before. I love the craft. Once I do all that my current skill set allows me to do, I will get into coding but i will look for someone to partner up with in the meantime.

  4. I, Dracula Genesis is insanely fun and addictive

  5. I has think that i would not find any new game in this video for my wishlist, but Record Of Lodoss surprise me. It now got my top wish list♡

  6. I challenge you to do a list about gorgeous indie games and OMIT pixel art all together. Streets of Rage 4, Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Hades to name a few from 2020.

  7. Станислав Матвиенко says:

    You forgot Skul: The Hero Slayer.

  8. Станислав Матвиенко says:

    Is there Prodeus on this list? Prodeus's 3D textures are pixel but this not pixel art. I think. Prodeus can switch to full 3D. Full 3D enemies like Quake 1.

  9. Serin Fate is gorgeous! I hadn't heard of that one, I have to pick it up

  10. Panzer Paladin looks super cool. Reminds me of Gato Roboto where you can dismount your suit.

  11. great video! and idk if its on purpose, but the first and second place games doesn't have a time pin between them.

  12. Happy to say I've played most of these games this year, and I agree 100% that pixel art is beautifully represented here … really astonishing sometimes! I also find myself in agreement with your rankings quite often recently; for instance, your top 6 "best looking" here would also be my top 6 … with the exception that I'd put Deedlit #1. But I've been Lodoss War biased since the early 90's …

  13. Almost all of these games look interesting to me, looks like my wishlist is going to grow even more 😅

  14. I believe that one missed game was Phoenotopia Awakening.

  15. Damn, i hope Mist of Noyah comes to the switch.

  16. Radical Rabbit Stew looks like a fun arcade game. I think id be a perfect fit for my switch. Also I really need to play World of Horror I love the Junji Ito horror and it just looks awesome.

  17. Bloodstained, scourgeBringer, prodeus, mists of noyah and BLASPHEMOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ar the bests hahahahha

  18. Prodigal and world of horror looks amazing! Thanks for bringing them into my attention.

  19. Can't wait for the full release of Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth! Also, very interested in Morbid, Monster Sanctuary, Prodigal, Curse of the Moon 2, and Carrion. Fantastic list!

  20. Thank you for sharing I, Dracula: Genesis. I just bought it because of you and I love it. Credit to you thank you

  21. damn, i really wish most of these games are available on Android

  22. I love alot about Morbid but im also really dissapointed in it. It doesnt have very fun moment to moment gameplay and is very repetitive. I wish they had more weapon attacks and animations but the art and world is just amazing so it's something I really mixed on. It has great potential.

  23. The question is off-topic. I can't find a game that should be released this spring. The world, style and gameplay of the game Bloodstained: Curse of the moon. But we play only for one hero Zangetsu

  24. If you were born in the late 70's-80's then HUNTDOWN for obvious reasons. Game of the year for me.

  25. Star Renegades didn't hold my attention for as long as I had hoped, but wow was it gorgeous. Some of the best pixel art I've ever seen.

  26. By the presence of the games presented in the video, this is an excellent top.

  27. It is a pity that Panzer Paladin only looks good, because the game is very mediocre. I really wanted to love it. Same thing with Star Renegades… Beautiful game and music, the battle system is very cool too, but the roguelike thing just ruins it for me, after a couple of plays I just don´t wanna touch it anymore… Having to play the same stuff over and over is not for me, I like advancing different levels, progressing. Grinding to level up characters is already a pain the ass, imagine having to do it constantly from zero. I even used a trick of keeping saved games from being deleted when you die so you at least resume playing from right before you died, but even so it does not work because the game design forces you to keep dying so you can unlock stuff.

  28. Carrion is a really good game! It looks great, has interesting mechanics and a awesome plot.

  29. Fellow viewers recommend me this type of games ori,unrival, hollow knight

  30. Some of this games are 50mb to 200mb size!!!! Beating 40 GB triple A titles in programing, art and fun.

  31. Great info and well laid out. Thanks mate. Subbed.

  32. Panzer Paladin looks really good. Also props for putting Star Renegades at #1 🙂 Another underrated game that really deserves more attention. Personally I liked it's dry humor too. The game is still getting updates too!

  33. dude Im watching your channel for some time now and thanks to you I got to play some amazing games that otherwise will pass me by, Great work , keep it up man

  34. prodigal looks WoW, especially the s t o r y & music are on point

  35. hey clemmy just want to say thanks for making these vids/lists. thanks to you i discovered the wonderful world of indie games!!! CHEERS!

  36. Let's Hear It 4 The I, Dracula Genesis

  37. Good pick for number 1. Star renegades really is one of the best looking pixel art games ever made. New switch patch is supposed to drop soon too which will help out immensely from all of its crashes

  38. haha. didn't know that Carrion was from the developer of Butcher. these guys freaking hate humans 😂

  39. Great collection of games! I will give "world of horror" the priority.

  40. Good video good channel! Congratulations👏👏

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