ArtStation Podcast Ep.6: Concept Art: Games vs. Film -

ArtStation Podcast Ep.6: Concept Art: Games vs. Film

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Creative Director and concept artist Finnian MacManus shares his journey from working on feature films and AAA games to founding Terraform Studios.

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  1. If HE says he doesn’t know much and he has a lot to learn. Imagine what graduates have to go through 🙂 life of an artist lol

  2. Thanks for uploading this, I want to become a concept artist, but will most likely do that on the side

  3. Thanks for covering that topic! Now I can claim with certainty what kind of concept artist I want to be!

  4. Good choice for a topic, this was an interesting discussion. The only thing I do not like is the intro (after the first 5 secs) and outro. it sounds too intense and overwhelming, like a radio channel that desperately needs to capture the attention of a listener who is randomly switching through multiple radio channels. Artstation Podcast does not need that since those who are interested already cklicked on the link/thunmbnail. Something more elegant and relaxing might be a better solution here. Something that fits better to the general mood in the discussions of the podcasts.

  5. I'm really appreciative of this. As a recent grad/young professional artist trying to figure out my next direction, listening to topics like this and hearing experiences from different artists helps me get one step closer to figuring out my own path. I love the topic discussed today; hearing Finnian MacManus, I swear I'm heading on a similar path like him. Part of what he's achieving now in his current career is something that I'm striving to do now. Seeing another example of my dream come to life is inspiring and makes me hopeful.

  6. His reverence for clear communication is evident through the entire video. Eloquently, well-enunciated, and well-projected. Great orator.

  7. I completely agree with Finnian on learning the 80% and then learning a whole new thing instead of spending just as long to get that extra 20%. It's something I have discussed a couple times, and although there is a benefit to bing a jack of all trades, I think specialising and then slowly over a couple years learning more about all the different aspects and improving overall skill is the best method.

  8. This provided a lot of insight regarding the career I'm striving to pursue and I used think that being a "jack of all trades" was a good thing and I actually wanted to start learning something else despite knowing that I'm still lacking a lot of things when it comes to character concept art because I felt like the more I have in my plate, the better. Thank you so much for covering this topic!

  9. Man, he is 100% correct about nearly all the information you learn in college being super outdated. You'll get to meet some awesome teachers, and they all hate new mediums and are super set in their ways.

  10. Day 6 of my daily routine of understanding how the industry works. Lots of notes taken as always thanks for producing this podcast ❤️

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