Art Styles in Video Games -

Art Styles in Video Games

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Exploring the many ways that art styles in video games affect how our gaming experience.


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Diablo 2: AI Remastered Widescreen Gameplay 4K 60fps [Sorceress]

Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction – All Bosses HD 1080p60 PC


  1. Artstyles = good. What an interesting take! Good, that I watched it in x2 speed, only wasted 4,5 minutes of my life

  2. realistic graphics of ocarina of time? What are you even talking about? It's a stylized art style

  3. Watched this video in college yesterday and I love your channel now

  4. What is the name of the game at 01:00 it revealed a distant childhood memory

  5. You gotta go seven levels deep on everything…one pass is never good enough…if you want to take it next level…you kindof have to go there…

  6. This video just made me smile! I have been getting more into art direction in gaming and this video just reminded me of why I love unique and fun art styles. A lot of the games I was thinking of before watching, you covered! Neo: TWEWY also has a cool art style.

  7. Dude, I love watching your content. It's well-written, well-crafted, and well-read. Keep killin' it!

  8. Great videos really it is great I love your videos, I mean your videos is awesome and I love art styles

  9. maybe a sacrifice to the algorithm may give ye the recognition thine person deserves

    but seriously dude great videos as always, keep pouring the hard work man
    mad respect o7

  10. Aesthetics is the spice of video games: if everything was of the same, it wouldn't be as popular.

  11. youuuu IDIOT! Don't you know that video games are NOT art!?! Haven't you heard what the guy who made Game of Thrones said? He said they're not art!!! And it must be true since he's rich.

  12. This video was so awesome and I can't agree with it more!! When I look for games, I exclusively scan for games with art style. I have no interest in realistic games anymore, thats so boring!

  13. Such a joy to see a notification that the man himself has dropped some dope shit. Killer work my man. Murderhouse looks neat af, I dig some old PS1 horror vibes

  14. The video was lit, and the thumbnail?! Muah. perfect =)

  15. A great video to start of the 2021 catalogue! I'm super happy puppet combo's murder house was mentioned because puppet combo's 80's slasher art style is one of the main reason I'm planning to make a video on them! I appreciate art style & design in games so much so this video was a treat. Super glad you're back man 🙂

  16. Ok, I'm just going to fanboy out now, haha, but the Souls games have my favourite art. By far. Honestly, is it just me, or… Well, try playing the Souls games for a month, and then go back to regular gaming and tell me the art styles don't feel cheap and tacky by comparison!? Souls art is very tasteful, and it tells a story. It communicates all of these internally consistent details to you which, on their own, wouldn't mean much. But because it's such a cohesive and well thought-out game, all of those seemingly insignificant details – like particle effects, for example – are all meaningful to the lore in a very unexpected way.

    I think the reason Miyazaki refers to his games as "Painted Worlds" is not just a reference to the literal Painted World but it's also pointing to a general style, or approach to the art. They build their worlds as if they are paintings, where each element on the canvas enriches the whole. Nothing is out of place on this canvas, right? It's all serving a purpose. And it uses all of the symbolism and metaphor that you'd expect in a real painting. I freaking love it, man. Really, the experience of playing a Souls game, for me, involves 50% combat, but the other 50% of the time is dedicated to examining the art itself and trying to figure out what it all means. It's very engaging! And very replayable because of this: I learn new things every time. It's almost as if the game has a different story every time I play it, I find out SO much new stuff each time. The thing is, other games just aren't this detailed, so you've been trained in to not expecting the kind of detail that you find in the Souls games. Even for Souls vets, there is detail in places where you really wouldn't expect it. It takes a while to overcome that inner resistance that you have which says "there's no way this particle effect actually means anything, it's just there to look cool", but man, I've been through this 100s of times with the Souls games. Each time my mind gets more and more open, haha I love it!

    I'll leave now.

  17. the spinster back at it with more wholesome content for the masses.
    great video boyo, and on an interesting topic!

  18. Moral of the story: Do drugs.. In moderation.

    Fr though, you killed it with this video, it's incredible how many audio and video transitions you fit in there without it looking even a bit choppy or out of the ordinary. The writing was also great, the way you can branch off from videogames to seemingly random topics and then right back into to videogames is so fun to listen to and really shows your talent for scripting. If it wasn't already apparent from all the other comments, the amount of effort you put into your videos is astonishing and I love watching them not only for entertainment but also to learn how to better my own videos.

  19. I don't use social media but I share your videos IRL.

  20. Possibly one of your best, and using Cup Head was a great example. People were so invested in that for the art style alone. And it really shows just how good it is for games to NOT look at real as they can.

  21. So true too many people have scoffed at games just based on how it looks which is a bit ridiculous to think about. I've judged a game based on how it looks but that's not related to the art style it's typically like oh that looks like dark souls I would not likely enjoy it.

  22. How doesn’t this channel have more subs! Also what’s the song at 0:45? It sounds so familiar lmfao

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