art of rally Xbox & Game Pass Launch Trailer -

art of rally Xbox & Game Pass Launch Trailer

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art of rally is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass and Win10!

The new racing game from the creator of Absolute Drift!

Race in the golden era of rally. Drive 50+ iconic cars from the 60s to 90s on challenging stages through stylized environments like Finland, Norway and Japan. Will you master the art of rally?


  1. It was looking like an updated version of Minecraft 😂😂

  2. I already played this game and its actually kinda hard

  3. Unsurprisingly it looks better than the new WRC10.

  4. Just wish it worked, and wasn't in Japanese

  5. Game feels like some ok mobile game without the ads

  6. This seems pretty good I’m ready for this!!

  7. Hello fríend the truth, I want you to add charlie murder to xbox one, please, I ask you because I change to xbox one and I do not want to abandon game thath my childhood brought me, I ask you PLEASE

  8. Downloaded, can't get passed sign in screen?

  9. better physics then forza, and maybe even Dirt Rally 2.0!

  10. Plot twist: you play as the helicopter!

  11. shame on you xbox, its not optimized fot xbox series s and x, game wont work there are serieus issues with the game!

  12. I love it how it doesn’t let you even start the game…

  13. Now can you make nfs underground 2 backwards compatable

  14. Would be nice if the game actually worked and didn't get stuck trying to sign me in

  15. Its not working on xbox (Japanese subtitles)

  16. Doesnt even work on Xbox Series X, japanese text, game freezes, just great…….

    Edit: It actually works now, they may have updated it, downloaded it again

  17. Believe me you can't drive like the trailer shows. Lol…

  18. “Press any button to start”

    Mashes buttons frantically

    “Press any button to start”

    Mashing intensifies

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