art of rally - Game Pass, Xbox and Switch Release Date Announcement -

art of rally – Game Pass, Xbox and Switch Release Date Announcement

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art of rally is arriving on Game Pass, the entire Xbox family and Nintendo Switch on August 12th – only 1 week away! 🚗🦒🗻

art of rally is also available now on PC!


The new racing game from the creator of Absolute Drift!

Race in the golden era of rally. Drive 50+ iconic cars from the 60s to 90s on challenging stages through stylized environments like Finland, Norway and Japan. Will you master the art of rally?



  1. I hope it gets a physical release for Playstation!!

  2. One more reason to buy Switch.Thank you Funselektor ❤

  3. LET'S

  4. If you use a controller with analogue triggers on the switch (like the 8bitDo), will you still have analogue throttle? Or is it completely binary regardless?

  5. Nice, I think that will be a day one purchase on my Switch!

  6. Already pre-ordered after my pc died it one game i have missed playing

  7. I’ll probably wait to see how it runs on switch and weather lacking analog triggers hurts the game before choosing between switch and PS4. Definitely gonna buy though.

  8. I have been waiting for this moment… Finally! I'm so excited to see how it runs on the Series X

  9. Looking forward to play this on the Switch! 😀

  10. Glad to see Xbox and Switch are getting this amazing game.

  11. Woah this looks neat! I'm much more a fan of the arcade racing style rather than the realistic style. And it's on gamepass, so definitely going to check it out!

  12. Oh yea, this is the announcement i was waiting for

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