Art Games - Rev [Vinesauce] -

Art Games – Rev [Vinesauce]

Revscarecrow: Vinesauce Rev
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Rev plays a bunch of art games which include in order: Passpartout, 90 second portraits, and quick draw.

(full version on Steam soon)

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This was taken from a live stream I did on my twitch channel part of the vinesauce team on . You should come hang out!

Intro animation by piergaming
Music by James Wolmak:


  1. "I don't know what [Greenland's flag] looks like, but I'm gonna assume it's green."There is absolutely no green on Greenland's flag.

  2. That was the best Loss i've ever seen and I hate you for that

  3. Man, it's impressive that Abe Lincoln rose from the grave 57 years after he died to tell someone to fuck off.

  4. Loss.jpg. I recognize thing.

  5. Snake is a bendy part of the body.


  7. I can recognize Loss.jpg anywhere, it's not a talent that I'm proud of

  8. The full version of this video is really great. lots of laughs but also you get to see Rev do legit art, which is nice.

    …you know knowing Lincoln, he might have said that.

  9. yeah quick draw thought my outlet was the mona lisa

  10. Whats the nace of the first game?? I wanna try it XD

  11. Grats on teaching an ad company's AI how to pass image captchas

  12. holyshit the loss painting
    i'd buy that

  13. I had to look up what Loss actually was. Guess I don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of 8 year old memes.

  14. I just like, how from minimalism, rev come to anime! It's like a history of visual art in the nutshell.

  15. everyone's commenting about loss and i have no fucking clue on what that is

  16. "Not enough follow through"
    Follow through means a wet fart

  17. well Joel is is not the only one who doesn't do the S symbol

  18. This stream gets a lot more interesting when you learn Rev does art like for real.
    Also, EGG.

  19. Have you noticed VINNY, Joel and rev had talked about the S?

  20. I could hear the gears turning in your head as you drew out loss.jpg you despicable cretin

  21. Vargskelethor joel revscarecrow vinny?

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