Art Directing VFX for Stylized Games -

Art Directing VFX for Stylized Games

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In this 2017 GDC talk, Bill Kladis, Bryanna Lindsey, Jeremy Mitchell and Shen-Ming Spurgeon discuss methods you can use to establish the artistic pillars of your game’s VFX using specific examples from various games with unique art styles.

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  1. headlander seems like a joy to work on, wow that art direction is awesome

  2. Every time I see a talk from Double Fine I think to myself, holy SHIT I love that studio's work!

  3. "What's Fortnite? Epic's upcoming survival sim!" Oh, if only you knew…

  4. Good stuff. I was thrown off by Shen-Ming's joke that he was done with his talk – I thought he was serious about thinking he was done, and just joking that it's easy to make stylized characters, and that he then realized he wasn't done and continued to give the next 2/3 of his talk. I had to watch that part again to realize that part of the joke included already being done with the talk.

    And it's interesting to see the Fortnite art before the game was released – I wonder if he had any inkling of how big it was going to become!

  5. Am I the only one who liked previous ship explosion better? Visually.

  6. I really wish that Volition artist had given a shout out to Freespace.

  7. 42:06 How to kill an artist soul, lol. BUT! Still awesome talk ^_^

  8. will you have more oppurtunities doing vfx or film vfx?

  9. that's a good reason to play Gigantic, a game that has shut down a year ago XD
    in case you're wondering, this GDC talk was in 2017, but the video was released on 2019.

  10. I still don't quite understand how the morphing of the smoke works. I understand how the shrinkwrapping works, but I don't know how that is used in the end. It doesn't look like they are linearly interpolating between the starting and end shape, so are they using a flipbook to do the world position offset? If someone could explain that, that would be great. 🙂

  11. So the last dude (woman, dude is non-gender) talked about how they made a shader so blood looks "readable" in the distance and then only showed a guy getting shot at a range of 3m?
    Last one was also movie-animation, not ingame. They used the engine to render it but finally made a video file out of it, so technically it's not "game animation".

    I don't think pixar is the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear "stylized", their snow looks more real than in real life.

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