AHHHCADE! Experimental Art Games to Inspire Relaxation and Cooperation at SFMOMA! - revartsgaming.com

AHHHCADE! Experimental Art Games to Inspire Relaxation and Cooperation at SFMOMA!

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During the 2013 Game Developers Conference, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art held an exhibition of interactive digital multimedia pieces, or “art games.” Anthony Carboni was there to talk to the creators about what makes a “game,” and what they were trying to do with these interactive installations.

For more details on Ahhhcade check out SFMOMA’s site:

Check out the Kickstarter for SoundSelf right here:

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  1. I don't believe I've ever seen this before. I've never heard or seen any type of footage like this and didn't even knew it existed. Thanks Rev.

  2. 100%. I love these people. Their stuff isn't for everyone, but they're the guys pushing the boundaries, and all the weird ideas trickle down into the rest of the industry in one way or another eventually. -Anthony

  3. You just made me the happiest. Thank you for watching. 🙂 -Anthony

  4. I think Soundself guy has a perceptual being living on his scalp.

  5. Sound Self just, like an hour ago, passed it's kickstarter goal, so you can experience it too!

  6. it's really cool that they intentionally exhibited with the theme of games/interaction. I've seen a number of interactive exhibitions, and this is the first time i'm seeing something like this! I really hope more of these types of purposeful interactive type of shows go around (even if the purpose is to experience) =)

  7. This is crazy cool. This is the sort of thing we don't hear enough about. Thanks for showcasing it.

  8. Anthony I want to say thank you so much for bringing up all the "artsy fartsy" stuff to gamers. Speaking as an artist, it is really exciting to see video games evolving into what is now classified an art. 🙂

  9. I like to smoke dope that cats can smoke(" ")

  10. Is your brain, the matrix? How do you come up with this gold?

  11. The guy who said something about games cats can play.. Well yeah he was high. Had the face and the eye look and talk like lol…… I love you guys all. I came for the sess and ended up liking you all.

  12. God…. Just imagine what they will be making 100 years from now when I'm dead… Lazy scientist need to figure out immortality already! I've got games to enjoy damn it!!

  13. I was just at the SFMOMA a couple of weeks ago and saw them creating this exhibit, It seems as though i will have to head up there again sometime soon.

  14. The ideas behind these experiences is pretty awesome. I really enjoyed just watching Anthony's reactions to the games, too. Really glad I clicked on this video!

  15. That chick needs more vocabulary for her video games

  16. He does alot of videos at DNews. Thats why he doesnt do as much here as he used to.

  17. Art game to inspire relaxation and cooperation : definitely not DotA 2.

  18. Anthony was just tripping balls the whole time

  19. damn hippie gamers in SF, someone pass the joint!

  20. This is like one of those movies that sucks SO BAD that they have the stars talking about it and trying to sell you on it, rather than actually SHOWING YOU PART OF THE DAMN MOVIE.

  21. Aww too bad for him, although there's still that great reaction video on Vimeo of Deep Sea.

  22. This David Kanaga guy needs two drinks to hold because he apparently has no idea what to do with his hands.

  23. I want this exhibition to be brought to LA!!!!!!!

  24. Anthony, thanks for bringing us this. This is exactly the kind of things I want to see from games and art in general, and Rev3 is just the kind of place to do it. I want to be friends with all of these people. I feel like I would be just as fascinated and awe-struck as you seem to have been. The ambient music blanket fort was… perfect.

  25. "..so you just *be* and celebrate *being* a perceptual being–because being a perceptual being is pretty awesome in itself…"

    This man has won at art. Forever.

  26. I think Panoramical hit it on the nose.

  27. Anthony – you're in your element with games like this. Loved your work since Bytejacker (incidentally I eventually went to the same gym as your former cameraman – he went on to Reality TV which was my job at the time).

  28. THEY ARE SO ARTSY. I think that hippie woman wearing the flour sack has been preserved in hash oil since 1973.

  29. Check out glitchlab[dot]org! Glitchlab helped put this event together and they're LA-based. They have stuff going on all the time! -Anthony

  30. You're doing a really good thing! Let the haters hate.

  31. This is rad. I love coverage like this. Keep it coming y'all.

  32. This was a really nice exhibition, I'm fortunate that I was able to go and chill out there for a few hours! Thanks for the video, I'm glad more people will get to see this stuff. I just wanted to call attention to the lovely games not discussed in the video: Pixel Fireplace (fireplace simulation by Ted Martens), Guru Meditation (meditation game for Atari 2600 by Ian Bogost), and Everything is Dolphins (DIY aquatic tabletop RPG by Ray Weiss.)

  33. Drugs are for black thugs and Crack is for Whitney! What is this? !

    They are all high in public with technology!

  34. I feel like the girl he is interviewing is about to tell him what color his aura is… Lol.. Looks like a cool exhibition!

  35. Wow this is some self-important pretentious hipster BS that wants to be praised as "art." What a fraud.

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