Add Game Art Batocera.Linux X86 Using Universal XML Scraper -

Add Game Art Batocera.Linux X86 Using Universal XML Scraper

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In this video, i will show you how to add game art to Batocera.Linux “Recalbox X86” Using an application called Universal XML Scraper

Universal XML Scraper V2 –

RecalBox Wiki –

Install Video –


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  1. Is there a way to scrape game videos as well for batocera

  2. It looks the same as RetroPie, just with different backgrounds

  3. Can you change the images to gif or snaps?

  4. I sent the friend request on FB and shot you some messages.  I am available whenever you have time

  5. Can you tell me how to boot this on my gtx750ti ?? i mean i know how to boot linux distros but batocera cant boot on hdmi display.. always boot on igfx… or how to change the display on the menu to use my gtx 750 ti thanks!!

  6. I can see a Retropie option in the scraper. Did you give it a try? Would be cool to see how well it works and how to transfer the images to the Pi after the scrape. Great video as always.

  7. Excellent video! Do you know if the ps3 and ps4 controllers work in recalbox?

  8. Universal XML Scraper have a virus. Panda antivirus don't let me run it and automatic delete.

  9. Would love if you did an ISO image for the 32gb stick that we can download and add same way we do ISO for the OS.

  10. I have some problem with psp. game runs perfect but i cant close it.
    Does any one have same prob??

  11. sooooo…. why when i'm using XML scraper to scrape rom on a hardrive its adding -image to the file name??
    I have had to go in and use fatmatch to fix all the file names

  12. Excelente!!!! muchas gracias funciono perfecto

  13. Is it possible to get the scraper working on the Portable Game Station build?

  14. I have Batocera running on the Pi 3B+, 5.18 supported the B+, 5.19 Beta now has the Right Overclock
    But Hey how can you add Emulators/Cores ? ?

  15. It just freezes on mine! running Win10, Batocera latest, network share..

  16. I have two issues with this tutorial. The first is that the setup wizard in Universal XML scraper V2 is not the same as in your tutorial and the second is that the scraper under windows 10 can not access the usb for batocera because the file system is EXT4 and windows doesn't read that file format.

  17. AHHH Man, your videos are so awesome! Thank you so very much. I left a question on a newer video, but disregard it. I figured it out. You're the best!!!

  18. A little confused regarding you putting the USB straight into your PC and being able to access it. I was sure you said in the past that because its a Linux based OS that it won't work on PC. Am I missing something? Does this mean I could have moved games on the USB all this time without having to use networking between my old PC (with USB Batocera) and my new laptop?

  19. I don't like the images scraped in the video. It's just bad screen shots without box art. I don't see the point.

  20. I have discovered you don't have to do it this way. You can actually run Steven Selph's scraper as it's included in Batocera. You just have to SSH into your Batocera machine and drill up to the root directory. From there cd into "recalbox/scripts" and then run the scraper with "./" and it will begin scraping all your roms automatically similarly to how Retropie does it with the Selph scraper.

  21. Universal XML Scraper keeps saying error after it crashed from the first time I used it, I've uninstalled and reinstalled and it still says error, please help

  22. I'd love to see you make a video on Sega Saturn emulation with Batocera. Love your tutorials, great work!

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