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A Video Game about Art?

The Art Assignment
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When we heard there was a video game about art and curating, we had to give it a try. Watch us play Occupy White Walls and build and curate an art gallery of our dreams (well, almost). And don’t forget to check out PBS’s new show Monstrum!:

Download and play Occupy White Walls:

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  1. A video game about painting, because art it already is

  2. Very interesting. I'd like to see what this channel makes of an upcoming independent game called Blasphemous, which the developers say it's heavily influenced by spanish history (the devs are spanish as well).

  3. Have you ever considered reviewing Googles Art and Culture feature?

  4. I've been looking forwad to dive into this game ever since Facebook recommended it over a year ago. I still have the initial post saved in my Saved Page list. But it does seem kind of disconcerting to see that they're still in beta mode at the time this video was created.

    That doesn't seem right but then again, I'm not an expert on independent software companies and indie games like this.

  5. Could you make an episode about polish (Central, East European) art? I think polish artist are very interesting and unique like Kobro, Wyspiański, Abakanowicz, Kantor, Sasnal.

  6. Very little makes me happier these days than a new Art Assignment Video. This one has to be my least favorite of the entire series. I'm totally down with digital art or games as digital art, and the concept does seem like a fun little SIM for art nerds, but a whole video of watching someone play a very betamode game? It's like speedruns, but… opposite? I felt like I was being advertised to. It's okay, we're all allowed a stinker.

  7. This is a really good game review… Which I know comes from your experience with Art IRL. Good job.

  8. After making the beginning of my gallery, I've decided to – also – become a OWW gallery opener, my own and those of others. Inspired by John Green being a Fortnite Pacifist, I did that too for a week or so, not half as fulfilling as what I do now. And while waiting for the level to load I can do some other stuff 🙂 and after 30 minutes I come back to open my own!

  9. I'm working on my art history degree, and I just jumped at the chance to play this. It would be great if galleries and museums could use this game to plan exhibits. I'll have so much fun making my own gallery.

  10. game is sold but the way it depicts art is still in auction . . .

  11. I like how this could be used by curators

  12. Can't wait to spend too much time on this. My room is suchamazingdoge, if you guys wanna check it out!

  13. My wife mentioned she was reminded by this of the 1970 Parker Brothers board game, “Masterpiece.”

  14. This game should be poor people friendly. I was excited to play it but it loads terribly on my laptop.

  15. Thanks for showing me the game, visit my gallery "calvinw"!

  16. love it, the art of Michael Archibald in OWW is the best new art around

  17. Hilma af Klint was obviously Illuminati inspired; considering she was inspired by spiritualism and she made a painting of a pyramid with it's tip going to the sun.

    Also, I LOVE this video game! I got to start playing this! <3

  18. 👨‍💻🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🐨🗯🤦‍♂️👨‍💻💃🐺

  19. Why is that so hilaraious.
    We want more gameplays!!

  20. that trompe l'oeil is actually by ferdinand bol, done in 1675. it's now in the national gallery of art (DC)

  21. Say no to opaque ceilings! Go all Menil Collection on it!

  22. I bet Renoir drank his coffee with lots n lots of sugar

  23. I didn't even finish this before downloading OWW and playing it for 5 whole hours.

  24. I wonder whether that "Avelina" player was Mexican art critic Avelina Lesper (?)

  25. Great video! Did you keep playing the game? I'd love a follow up video if you did to see how your gallery turned out. The developers have added a lot of new content in the time since you've made this video.

    You mentioned that the game needs a way to upload your own art. The admins of the game are always around and regularly add art suggested by the community, although you can't directly upload it yet as they have to check that the image is copyright free and of a high enough resolution. You can also make pixel art mosaics of any painting you like.

  26. I do hope this game really comes out, so much potencial to be forever stuck in development hell

  27. Coming back to the comments to plug my own galleries. Check out folieaduex on OWW 😉

  28. Got about halfway through, then I decided…let's walk outside. 🙂 (day off, so…)

  29. What is the art work at 3:20 that the cursor is hanging over? The one of the two lovers.

  30. from what i heard eventually you be able too upload your own art

  31. When she skipped Bierstadt with a 'meh'… I must say, that hurt a little

  32. I thought you can upload your own artwork, but now this game is pointless

  33. "Who doesn't love a giant 'mount of butter!"

    "Vegans, I guess. But you can't please them all." 4:53

    I've never felt so honored from a joke

  34. Thank you for the game review. Really enjoyed the background info on arts. The info on how a gallery owner might choose pieces. And even how a gallery is architected.

    Yeah Blender is a good tool to load in real works of art. It allows you to photo the piece, set the dimensions of the piece, and the dimensions of the space. My photographer friend uses it for planning his gallery shows. And even when he moved, to figure out where all his furniture would go.

  35. I love the added "inside this painting at least" because truly the picture means nothing just because they pick someone for the face don't mean they care about who you are politically or otherwise

  36. Amazing tool.
    The art featured in this tutorial is so banal I can't take it. Each new picture drains my soul and I am exhausted.

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