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7 creative games to awake your inner artist

Logitech G
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Forget dirty brushes and expensive paints! Here are the games that let you get creative, regardless of your artistic skill.
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Here are the games we talk about:


Art Sqool:


Okami HD:

(You probably knew that one…)

Scribblenauts Unlimited:

Passpartout: The Starving Artist:

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  1. I guess I define "artistic" games differently. I was looking for games like Master of Pottery, Chinese Brush Simulator, Flower Design, SuchArt, Flowscape….game that allow you to really be an artist. I don't think those talked about in this video are "artistic" at all.

  2. MATT?!!?? COSPLAY!!?? Hahahahah wow! Never expected that.
    Other than the big foot episode.

    An F for Matt for getting roasted so bad in this video, multiple times.
    Loise needs to down her roasting game.

  3. I didn't recognize you first Matthew xD ! That's an interesting video again, I like it !-

  4. Hello Logitech i have a Fortnite Clan and maybe you will be my sponsore!

  5. Loved that intro 😀 Perfectly Done. Oh and the list was nice too 😛

  6. A new rule of the internet : has being build in minecraft no exeptions

  7. Bravo pour toutes vos vidéos pleines de passion Logitech <3

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