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6 Games with Beautiful Art Styles

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Some game developers choose to go the extra mile and create stunning visuals for their games. Here are 6 Games with Beautiful Art Styles.

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The following videos were used in the production of this video:

Pong Gameplay

All credit to pulsar2121

Battlefield 1 Official Gamescom Gameplay Trailer


Ori and the Blind Forest Trailer

Moon Studios ©

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition Trailer

Moon Studios ©

INSIDE – E3 2014 Trailer – Eurogamer

Playdead ©

INSIDE by Playdead | Gameplay Trailer

Playdead ©

Okami HD Launch Trailer

Clover Studio ©

Okami HD reveal trailer

Clover Studio ©

Okami [PS2] – Brush Technique and Divine Instrument Exhibition

Clover Studio and Judqment8 ©

Seasons After Fall – Launch Trailer

Swing Swing Submarine ©

Seasons after Fall – Gamescom 2014 Trailer

Swing Swing Submarine ©

The World of Lemuria – Child of Light trailer [UK]

Ubisoft ©

Arcade Game: Jump Bug (1981 Rock-ola)

All credit to Old Classic Retro Gaming

The following music was used in the production of this video:

Flight Hymn by Ross Bugden:

Last Leaf Falls by Lucas King:


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  1. Good video, surprised it doesn't have more views.

  2. Another amazing video guys ! I always love watching you guys!

  3. Awesome video gents. Having grown up with Pong myself & as I've said before, it scares me how far technology has come to be able to produce such stunning graphics. It's mind blowing….

  4. I really like this kind of video, where you express opinions about an element of game instead of the games themselves 🙂 It also help that I agree with your choices, ha ha You picked 6 games with extremely strong visual identities, and a great music track to support your review 🙂

  5. it's a really nice list and all of the listed games are gorgeous but it would've been better with monument valley. I mean, it's so beautiful! But great job!👍

  6. I miss Okami so much. Such a beautiful game…

  7. Video games are more quality over quanity these days unlike animated feature films.

  8. Thank you for this video! Some games to add to my wish list

  9. I just finished Okami. It's very touching and very underrated…

  10. INSIDE is that small game that could have been a GOTY.

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