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5 Steps To Gorgeous Game Art

Thomas Brush
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Whether you’re making a 2D or a 3D game, I can tell you how to make your game gorgeous.
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  1. Thanks for adding! I really enjoyed and hope I can use some method in my game I am working on.

  2. I was able to 2X my game rev! I went from $0 to $00!
    p.s. I'm just kidding Thomas, your content is actually really helpful to a lot of aspiring devs. The color theory stuff was superb. 🙂

  3. Colors was what drew people to play games the original Metroid, Godzilla on the NES. Also, the music. But, music I guess is a topic for another video.

  4. Color theory
    Basic Shape
    Audio Feedback
    Organized Intention
    Atmospheric Depth

  5. Making everything looking like a girls room isn't my idea of good game art . Their's a few artists who have a good style then Everybody else copy .

  6. Amazingggg!
    Will definitely make good use of these tips. Thank you!

  7. Thanks Thomas this is very helpful in pointing art direction in my current game and future projects!

  8. Anyone here had a discord group to join for unity and game dev chat?

  9. Freaking LOVE you Mr. Brush. These videos are so helpful and because of artists/developers like you, newbs like me can progress lightyears faster than the guys just out there wingin' it. Bookmarked that course, and I'm going to pick that up as soon as I finish a few other courses I'm in the middle of. HOLD ME TO IT!

  10. Hey Thomas, would you mind sharing the name of the piano song you used at the start of the video?

    Love your videos btw

  11. There's nothing more gorgeous than a good mom joke

  12. This might be your best video yet. Thank you

    Good job!

  13. This was awesome. Love to see more of these tips/tricks. The fog blending everything into the color of the sky was news to me. I can't un-see it now.

  14. “You will learn how to double your game’s revenue” HAHA I QUADRUPLED IT, I am at 0

  15. Thanks for teaching about complementary colors, that's a cool concept

  16. You made this world so amazing
    I'm not game dev but u give me a lot of boost

  17. Having 0 art/design skills is why I quit gamedev. It just wasn't working out with 0 creative skills

  18. could somebody list down the games featured in this video

  19. The Friendly Neighborhood SuperVillian says:

    This is so informative!

  20. Thomas! Thank you for making great videos!!!

  21. I love that you brought up Thomas was alone for how powerful abstract art can be. And Quake with it's epic soundtrack. I was used to great music coming from the Amiga, but Quake blew me away when I first tried it.

  22. I actually liked those random colors in that still

  23. Incredible value here, I tangentially heard about all of these but this is more detailed and more direct, thanks

  24. This video is actually funny af 😂 Thomas is great at (among everything else) keeping us all motivated, so thanks Thomas!

  25. Dude, this Video is stupidly overloaded with brilliant and usefull information. Thanks man!

  26. the section on depth, at 8:21 is also about the concepts of atmospheric perspective.

  27. I’m going to one up Thomas
    1 step to beautiful game art:
    Step 1: get good at art

  28. It's always those things that if you're told, you're like "well it's obvious", but unless you are told, you won't be able to use them.

  29. You did an excellent marketing. You jump in right into the industry…. game maker

  30. Only thing I remember about Firewatch is the graphics.

  31. The color might be used well but the forms and lines leave a lot to be desired. I was trying to learn how to create nice forms but this is about color. A bit misleading.

  32. interesting! i went to school for music production specifically for music theory to be able to write / arrange my tunes properly, its cool to see a "colour theory". This feels like something i shouldve learned in high school when i listen to you talking about it!

  33. My main problem is color. I have such a bad sense of color. My game usually looks like some kind of kids cartoon. All colorful. Idk how to combine these colors even though I had the idea in my mind.

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