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5 GREAT Game Art Styles for BAD Artists

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5 game art styles that bad artists can use to make hugely successful games.

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  1. You don't know anything about art (or game art) when you think those examples are bad game art…

  2. VVVVVV had a killer soundtrack though. You gotta teach us how to easily make classic hit sountracks now.

  3. The video is cool… I would reeeeaaally change that title. And add that it's specific for pixel art.

  4. VERY USEFUL VIDEO!!!! I love it; have to keep this in mind, especially the one with crude drawings and such

  5. this was great. thanks for the awesome vid as always!

  6. Man, you are the only one from we can learn something, you explain everything so good. Make a full tutorial on inventory, and I couldnt find anywhere how to create lets say loot bag on monster kill that when you open it it gives random items in it and that you can set droprate of item in that loot bag. It would be awsome to see inventory tutorial from you.

  7. "Absolute Watermelon. Ship it"
    I'm uploading my first game to Google Play today, and this is my new philosophy.

  8. I took note of the styles you mentioned. I am tempted to start learning at least some pixel art to create beatiful watermelons like you do and then of course…SHIP IT! Thank you again for sharing the knowledge John!

  9. i like your water melon, i want to ship it 😂

  10. if you have a normal keyboard, smash your head into it.
    if you have an RGB keyboard, smash *THAT* into your head! it'll be less possible to break it.

  11. Amazing video😎thanks man! Art is all about patience

  12. Minecraft is one of the most successful and beloved games in all of history, and made an equivalent amount of money to that status. Literally everything is an ugly cube. Even the sun.
    I thought South Park looked like shit when I first saw it and didn't even want to give it a chance.
    Now it's one of my favorite shows of all time.
    Pac-man just looks like a wedge of cheese and it is the cornerstone of all of Capcom and saved their company from bankruptcy and made them into a titan of the industry.

    The point is… it's not the graphics that matter. It's whether or not your game sucks.

  13. I am making a game called Classic Cube and I have used simple shapes like square and also I have made my character and other as square. So, Is it ok?

  14. Pixel art is annoying. Imho. My eyes just tired looking at every freaking indie game which use pixel art. Every freaking indie game use pixel art. If you make indie game using pixel art, stop it, get some help. And draw something yourself!!! Hate pixel art.

  15. This channel goes over all the stuff I subconsciously needed to know

  16. If You Want will 3d model a stunning environment in 2 days?

  17. VVVVVV wouldn't work today. Stone Story RPG is everything but simple, it would be much simpler to create a decent pixel art look than to create something even close to this level of ASCII art.

    With the rest I agree.

  18. Simple! Try to avoid FREE asset packs and buy some cool assets with high customization. I don't know much about 2D assets, but there's a ton of options, in 3D assets, that you can customize characters and environment. Hmm. Some 2D artists should create customizable characters and environments and sell them on the marketplaces. (I'm a 3D artist, but I'm pretty sure it's doable in 2D sprites as well).

  19. Youtube recommended this to me and it had a point.

  20. Well this'll be helpful….. for people who are bad at art I mean…..

    Totally not for me….. >.>

  21. A bit weird because you showed an actual good strategy as your first option but then for the rest of the video you showed games that became famous solely on personal marketing instead of artist merit.

  22. Option 6: use blender, make low poly and use linear colors

  23. Thank gosh standing out doesn't mean using 1000 emojis 💯 😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎😂😂💯😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🍫👁️💔😭🔫🤝😂

  24. Thank you for producing these videos.
    Your love for the craft and concern for those that aspire to join the ranks really shows through.
    I'm new to the community and find inspiration through videos such as these.

  25. Really nice video, I shall be returning to my doodle art game of destruction 😛

  26. Honestly asiic art might be a little harder because of its limitations

  27. I feel for all the bad artists out there, it isn't everyone's strength.
    BTW I have some 3d assets and texture maps available for anyone who needs premade art assets:
    And I can make stuff custom for you at a ridiculously low pay rate if you're an indie dev in need of art content for your indie game.
    And I mean $3 per hour or so. If interested, reply. 🙂

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