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5 GREAT Game Art Styles for BAD Artists

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5 game art styles that bad artists can use to make hugely successful games.

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  1. My uncle is the creator of the game 140 shows in the video

  2. What program did you use to animate the cave man?

  3. "You might start ripping sprites that you can't use."
    That didn't stop Terraria. ;D

  4. rotoscoping is no way easy. You need a graphics tablet to do that properly and make it look presentable. Moreover you need to know how to draw to make eyes and stuff. It just adds a kind of an effect that makes it look peculiar and makes people try it. It makes making frames of animation easier thats it

  5. -Lorando the Piglet ° 14 years ago ° says:

    I like pixelated games

  6. "Geometry dash"
    Have you seen the online levels? You literally need a fucking degree in graphic design to get your level featured lol

  7. How many of of you nerds can say you use 4×4 pixel art

  8. Wanna make game music for free
    Lmms is great
    But these aren't free but ultra cheap
    Caustic 3 and FL studio mobile
    Plus you can also use MS paint for pixel art 🤣

  9. Vector art is a good way to turn simple shapes into a neat character design. Also really easy to edit, too.

  10. Yup ima do crudly hand drawn artwork for my game cause pixel art isnt my thing and if it looks ugly its ugly ima just design the game to be fun

  11. I’m glad I came here I suck at art my family calls me a pro artist but-

  12. Nice video! Loved the first-mentioned method!

  13. Honorable mention: 2.5d, these games are 2D with 3D characteristics.

  14. so if I use those, does that mean that I am bad?

  15. Most importantly: be consistent in your artstyle. Not mixing and mashing different styles (from the asset store)

  16. how can i create primitive shapes plz tell me

  17. I know nothing about Stone Story RPG, but I think you are really underestimating the artistic skill that goes into that ASCII art. Conveying as much as possible with the minimal amount, is a sign of a good artists.

  18. No good at art? use Adobe Animate, for some odd reason I just love that program more than anything when it comes to shapes and drawing, I think its the easy convenient drag the edges, it sort of is so nice, Illustrator is powerful but I feel lost with all the shapes and move forward and cut this and intersect that and "no no, you need to first make this that so you can drag that"… I don't fully get Illustrator.. even Harry Partridge (Star barbarians) Utilizes Animate a LOT in his drawings..

  19. Hello Excuseme ¿Can I use part of your video to explain someting to my students? they do not speak english or know about diferent technology. Kind regards from ecatepec, this time!

  20. I really need this as I have amazing ideas for games but always end up been boxes doing things or spending hours doing 3D characters n never using em

  21. I can make realistic environments all day long easy …. Real life has plenty of reference … But ive been studying stylized and its such a hard art to learn .. its like take what you know and make it up as if youve never seen it before

  22. This feels like an overly harsh dig at pixel art…

  23. what is the name of the game in the beginning of the video?

  24. 0:11 what is this art style called? The one in that character in his screen?? I have been struggling to find out the art style name for so long

  25. Voxel art and low poly are another good options.

  26. 1:46 Just for your info, the comunity made levels in Geometry Dash go FAR beyond simple circles and squares.

  27. Not a bad vid but didn't mention anything about the style being related to the game. A survival RPG probably won't work that well with abstract shapes. Not that it can't.. just that it's probably not likely.
    And Stone Story RPG showed us that ascii is a viable art style? Really? Not Dwarf Fortress which besides being banger all on it's own was displayed in the TATE gallery? No? Okaythen..
    Also "pixel art clone 3928399" while showing a scroll of a selection of wildly different games.
    Sentiment is great but this just seems a little like you're saying what people want to hear.

  28. My problem is that the art itself is more tiresome and slow than programming 😪 People disliked my game only because of the graphics too..

  29. The watermelon joke made me laugh so hard because I shared your pain at some point my friend.

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