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3D Environment Art for Video Games: Artist Panel

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An accomplished group of 3D environment artists from EA DICE, Blizzard Entertainment, and Naughty Dog come together to discuss their own unique journey into the world of entertainment art working on renowned video games. This artist panel offers advice, learnings, tips and tricks, and personal techniques that will appeal to aspiring professionals seeking to evolve their craft.


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  1. Whats with the rude "yea keep it quiet" at the beginning?

  2. Those guys mogged the shit out of that girl and her crappy headphones 😂

  3. Which software is Junki using to create the block meshes? I'm finding it super inspirational 😀

  4. Congrats to all, we all know how stressful public speaking can be, especially for those who are not used to it.

  5. at 1:09:10, what program is he talking about? I tried to google it but i could not find it. I might be hearing him wrong.

  6. Thx for recording this !
    But can you switch on, that the subtitles are also available. Cause i'm from Austria and sometimes i can not hear englisch words so good 😉

  7. Her temperament and quirks make her easy to watch….vs the previous one I watched where the guy defaulted to “ums” and “aahs” between every single thought/word….which isn’t a personal attack, I’m sure probably just out of nervousness and not experienced at public speaking. Anyways, great content as per usual from Gnomon…..very inspiring to watch. Second speaker’s work is absolutely incredible.

  8. Watching this in 2019 and I really, really like some of the technical aspects Helder Pinto visits. Some I hadn't understood before and some I hadn't realized before. So yeah, this is awesome! Thanks.

  9. i've never seen a more beatifully rendered pair of head phones. i paused the video to scroll down and say that

  10. really awesome session, thanks for all the tips!

  11. Im Sorry Girl but i just fell in Love with You 🙂

  12. It could be way better!
    but thanks, it was helpful

  13. Does anyone have an idea from where Helder is from?

  14. Golden video, I found it very helpful, thanks so much for uploading it!

  15. The industry standard tools always seem easier to use than the free alternatives wish i had the money for them.

  16. damnnn that BF1… trails of past… warm tapes..

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