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3D Character Art for Games – Vol. 1 – 720P

Hai Phan
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* This series is applicable to all programs, but I demonstrate using: Zbrush, Maya, 3D Coat, Xnormal, Bodypaint, Photoshop, Toolbag

This is the first in my series of video tutorials about video game character art. This first video is FREE (over 1.5 hours!), and the others will be available for student-friendly prices at:

This video series is aimed at intermediate level artists who already have working knowledge of how to make 3d game models, but need guidance to obtain more professional results. Although some technical instruction is given, the main goal of this video series is to improve your work from an artistic stand point.

Vol. 1: Introduction & High Res Modeling Theory – ~1.5 hours – FREE!
Vol. 2: High Res Modeling Application – ~2 hours – $6.99 (includes base mesh)
Vol. 3: Low Polygon Modeling – 1+ hour – $6.99 (includes low polygon female model)
Vol. 4: UV Layout – 1+ hour – $6.99 (includes example scene)
Vol. 5: Baking Maps – almost 3 hours – $6.99
Vol. 6: Texturing & Shading – 5+ hours – $8.99 (includes posed Hella model and textures)

This first video is also available for free at CGCircuit where it is split into chapters for more convenient viewing:

This is how all subsequent volumes will be formatted. Please note that this is the ONLY video from this series that I will be posting here on YouTube! Please visit for more.

If you like the video, please help spread the word and share it with anyone you think might be interested. I spent a lot of time and effort making these videos myself so I really hope you like them!

* CGCircuit is a new service that allows you to create and monetize your own tutorial videos via internet streaming.


  1. Dear Hai
    I purchased your entire series on cg circuit and am re visiting at the mo to sharpen up on things. Every time I choose a vid other than introduction I get a broken link and there is no option to download I left a comment on the series on cg circuit.
    I hope you get it fixed up soon and when you do please just leave me a message. It would be really appreciated.

    Thanks Hai

  2. I liked the video very much, but just a little bit of criticism: the way you explain things isn't very organized and well thought-out. You are thinking a lot about how to explain something, which in itself makes you miss the next line of thought and your explanation seems long and broken apart. To avoid that problem may I suggest you the way I do my preparation to speeches? I lay down a map of words, that connect from the key word. For example : Breasts-point of attraction-enclosure-detalization-emphasizing etc. This is a great way to plan and organize your speech flow. With time it becomes so natural, that you start organizing your thoughts better and eventually you won't need it at all. (I hope it's not late of me to say this, because the video is already 1.5 years old…) But, again, great video.

  3. Dude, I sat there for 40 minutes and I dont have Zbrush or any of the expensive pro stuff, just a mid ranged pc and blender…You really gave out allot of pointers and made me realize things that I have overlooked.  I am truly honored to have seen this video. Thank you for this, by the way…Nice voice! 

  4. It would be really neat if you did a "updated" model for Ailish a character from the 2004 game Sudeki! I 'd love to see that!

  5. This is just amazing. Sharing your knowledge with other perople 🙂 thanks man 

  6. I came here as a 2d artist and learned more than what i was looking for…thanks man

  7. Great job on the model and presentation Master Phan!

  8. Hey man! Tnx for the indepth on the design pipline. Actually this may seem as oftopic here but recently i was learning game programming and for my needs i just picked some final fantasy model and some random animations to put it all together. And the model actually came in pieces. Like a mesh of separate meshes that just stic togetger. Even the edge flow was made so it looks uniform but it wasn't. I GOT NO IDEA how to rig this. Is it a common practice in game dev? Like i wanna make and rpg with ability to change equipment. Do i make a lot of uniform models or break them in interchangable parts? But how do you rig them>? Sorry for all lot of text but I hope you can help. Thanks again!

  9. Do you think that 3ds max is a good 3d modeling program? thx

  10. Thanks a bunch for sharing!

  11. Hi! so i've been thinking in buying this tutorial, (i've actually bought vol.2 but wanted to be sure to be prepared before buying the whole tut) but first i would like to make sure if you will cover the whole proccess of turning high poly mesh into low poly, and the correct way to set up normal and displacement maps? as well as specular and everything needed to achieve that amazing look your model has, because i've been looking for so long but cant find a very accurate guide to these, and im really having problems trying to make normals work correctly and make the low poly look as good as the original high poly (i know its probably not possible to make it look exactly as good but i mean yours look really really close and i cant seem to achieve that quality) im sorry if you already answered this and i hope you understand my concern 🙂 looking forward to your answer ^^

    Great video, Hai. I would like to ask you 2 questions, regarding the plate shown at 00:52:42:
    -How did you make the detail that sits on top of that plate?
    -The beveled edges of that detail are a bit jaggy, looking exactly as when using 'Masking, then Inflate' combination. Is that kind of quality acceptable and would you go ahead and bake that plate straight to your low poly? Or would do some correction to those bevels before baking? And if so, what kind of corrections would you do and with what tools?

  13. You are just the person I was looking for. Subscribed.

  14. Hi Hai phan ,
    I am wondering your Art , it is a real mysterious character.
    If you have some time , i would like to talk you on skype.
    I know you have many fans and folowers and worktime.
    But i hope you can answer me .

    Asterix.bvba (at) gmail.com

    Skype account : The422

    Thankyou in advance.

  15. It's a shame the moment I go to the comment section of this video, everyone comments about sexism and how "kinky" her clothes look. I read a few of your comments in other chains, and I will say that you have done an excellent job explaining your opinions with this model as a media and your own creative outlet. I completely understand why you chose to make the model you did this way, and any design that best fits the environment you planned out for her is one you have control over, and I just hope you never falter from that opinion.

  16. I've never heard of 3D Coat, Xnormal, or Toolbag. Are these really necessary for doing such a HQ detailed model or can blender alone do this?

  17. this series is awesome, seriously, when I first started modeling every humanoid model looked like over exaggerated stick figures, this helped ALOT thanks 🙂

  18. You sound really tired in this video and what's with the heavy swallowing of your spit

  19. Eʏᴇᴘᴀᴛᴄʜ Rᴀʏᴅᴇɴ Rɪsɪɴɢ Eᴅɪᴛɪᴏɴ says:

    Hey, um I'm kinda NEW to modeling cause I want to become a good modeler and your models are quite OUTSTANDING! (idk why people say sexism but ok.) So.. could you give some links to these programs?
    Have you heard of garry's mod? Well I'm trying to do some models and upload them to the workshop, but only if that's possible.
    Mind giving any tips to modeling?
    And what I said I'm totally new, don't know what to do. Please help ;~;

  20. how i do the meshes? is that a tool of the Zbrush or i need to build it and then i color it and do the texture creation? and how i forced my character to move like run or walk its that related to the Zbrush or to Programming Languages for example CC+ sorry for the My lack of education i started to learn just today and tell me if i right the meshes is the Polygons?

  21. anyone know any resources for professional concept art? (looking for environment art)

  22. "the meshes shown here are separated for rigging, not for in-game use"

    That just confuses me. For games, should the mesh be continuous, or can it be segmented for games? I'm been searching the internet for days (maybe for the past week?) if game character models should be one continuous mesh (all welded verts), and the answers I've come across seemed to be opposing each other (looked up stuff on digital tutors, where almost all tutors modeled their character in separate meshes [torso vs pants], and looked up stuff on google, where all said continuous meshes are important for humanoid characters).   So – which is? An answer would be greatly appreciated, especially by the poster of this video!

  23. Wish more artists saw art this way. You framed off where the people want to look. Really doesn't matter what anyone says, we all want to look there.

  24. I would like to watch the whole video but youtube subtitles don't help at all and i'm not good in english too, anyway, good model, it's nice

  25. sorry but trough half of the video you were almost mostly quiet were you mesmorized by them panties and boobs X3

  26. Feminists if this 3D image offends you, then find a way to get some self esteem.  This isn't even a real person.  Male prisoners that are absolute wankers are being celebrated as sexy men by women who are feminists, that is way more disturbing than a highly professional and slightly sexual image.  Peace

  27. anh ơi anh là người Việt thì ^^ cho em xin sub Việt nha anh hjx

  28. I'm making a small animal for a game and It's going to have long cartoony whiskers coming out.

    Anyone know a good way to make them? Should they be cylinders? It seems a bit inefficient. Adds a lot of polys for such a small detail.

    There will be several of them running around.

    The other option would be planes with a texture with alpha. But at some angles this would look incorrect and there will be parts in which the camera will zoom in on the critters' face for small cutscenes.

    Can anyone think of some examples of good looking game asset 3d cartoon animal whiskers? It's a hard topic to search for.

  29. can u make a review of how to make concept art drawing before we get into 3d modeling and stuff

  30. Hai what is the name of the program you use for make character and give me a link for free please

  31. Is this character ever used for any game?
    And is there a download link for this character somewhere?

  32. "If you start with the face which humans normally will do…" Not with that particular model I think! XD

  33. I'm really focusing on art. Learning anatomy, drawing and improve my drawing skills. Is it also useful to learn how to make 3d models or is it to much?

  34. Can zbrush models be saved to usb flash drives ?

  35. Mr Hai Phan ! Please keep up the great work Sir. You inspire me greatly in my studies of the craft! I hope to learn more from you soon, however I may not be at this level "yet" but as I learn more daily I get that much closer to my goals! Cheers and Shalom!

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