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3D Character Art for Games – Vol. 1 – 720P

Hai Phan
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* This series is applicable to all programs, but I demonstrate using: Zbrush, Maya, 3D Coat, Xnormal, Bodypaint, Photoshop, Toolbag

This is the first in my series of video tutorials about video game character art. This first video is FREE (over 1.5 hours!), and the others will be available for student-friendly prices at:

This video series is aimed at intermediate level artists who already have working knowledge of how to make 3d game models, but need guidance to obtain more professional results. Although some technical instruction is given, the main goal of this video series is to improve your work from an artistic stand point.

Vol. 1: Introduction & High Res Modeling Theory – ~1.5 hours – FREE!
Vol. 2: High Res Modeling Application – ~2 hours – $6.99 (includes base mesh)
Vol. 3: Low Polygon Modeling – 1+ hour – $6.99 (includes low polygon female model)
Vol. 4: UV Layout – 1+ hour – $6.99 (includes example scene)
Vol. 5: Baking Maps – almost 3 hours – $6.99
Vol. 6: Texturing & Shading – 5+ hours – $8.99 (includes posed Hella model and textures)

This first video is also available for free at CGCircuit where it is split into chapters for more convenient viewing:

This is how all subsequent volumes will be formatted. Please note that this is the ONLY video from this series that I will be posting here on YouTube! Please visit for more.

If you like the video, please help spread the word and share it with anyone you think might be interested. I spent a lot of time and effort making these videos myself so I really hope you like them!

* CGCircuit is a new service that allows you to create and monetize your own tutorial videos via internet streaming.


  1. Mr Hai Phan ! Please keep up the great work Sir. You inspire me greatly in my studies of the craft! I hope to learn more from you soon, however I may not be at this level "yet" but as I learn more daily I get that much closer to my goals! Cheers and Shalom!

  2. Thank you for making such an in depth video, looks like a lot of work

  3. Hi, Hai Phan, its a nice work done by you. My question is that can this be done in Blender as well?

  4. Hey mate, how did you go about laying out the parts? what did you keep seperate during zbrush stage (or max?) e.g. head, legs ?

  5. In the other videos that are available for sale do you go more in-depth with ZBrush? Or do you know of any videos that do? Or is it possible that you can make a video that does? ZBrush is a crazy program and I haven't found any videos that break it down in a simple way (if that's even possible). But I love your artwork and the work you've done on Overwatch! Also, I know your opinion might be swayed because they are your videos and such, but do you really recommend game artist (2D, 3D, texture artist, etc. etc.) to purchase them? I really want to improve but I'm in between if watching in-depth videos (like you advertise) will be that helpful. I do think this first volume was great and I did learn some stuff, but I definitely want to learn more and improve.

    Jayce Keller

  6. Hey hai phan,
    nice series, like it alot. May I ask you why you use maya instead of 3ds max?

  7. People who dislike this must be fucking jealous.Your characters are awesome,great job !

  8. Thanks for the video Mr. Phan, I am an indie game designer, just getting into AAA game level artwork, I can comprehend how much we look forward to videos like these and for people like you for guidance! Great modelling / texturring ! 🙂

  9. Hello there I'm a talent scout for mustard seed comics were working on a independent project if you was interested plz give me a message back asap thank you

  10. Hello Hai Phan. I just want to thank you so much for this video tutorial. It really helped me with my ZBrush learning.

  11. I'm sorry, I'm really new at this. What kind of program do I need to do this? Or should I just go with the list you gave? (I'm on a budget)…

    Also, are there any books, or other videos you've done for absolute newbies?

  12. Character is very cool. Proper anatomy. Character legs are too long? 1:15:00

  13. I like to watch your videos they help me to sleep, thank you.

  14. is this character from a moba like LoL? sorry I'm a smite player

  15. Just wanted to say thanks. As a beginer in 3d world with only basic understanding of aplication and tool I realy did learn a lot from your insight and expirience… Tons of small details and other stuff that people never talk about in other tutorials. Keep up the good work…

  16. I don't know what that sound is, but it sounds like you're chewing gum or something and it sounds annoying. No offense.

  17. Is there any program for modeling that Source Filmmaker can work with its models because I whant to make game in Unity and I need to make unique models that I can work with in Source Filmmaker that I can work with in Unity XD

    -Translation: Program for model that can make models that work in SFM so I can mork with it in Unity :3

    Please help! :O

  18. This was some great info and pointers – thanks!!

  19. Do you sculpt all your modeling in Z Brush. Or is it a combination of starting out with maya, building on that initial mesh and exporting it on Z Brush?

  20. Awesome Work it's a great tutorial with many really usefull tips. Thanks

  21. i am in major slumber cause i am a hard surface modeler and now i am trying to grasp the organic models……i really really hope this works cause i am taking notess and i am liking it.Thanks for the upload.

  22. Boobs sell anything. As for armor, leg veins left exposed, breast-neck exposed, single shot kill for any archer.

  23. you're a good man! i want you to know this. you're too good to us students

  24. Question: Should I use Zbrush with a pen tablet or mouse?

  25. I also want to be a 3D modeling designer for games 🙂 , but i am not really good at drawing with anatomy : / .. by the way this model is amazing <3

  26. Vey helprful….also, you have a very soothing voice. 🙂

  27. Hey Hai… Which course did you go to in college? Weird putting your name and Hey or Hi together… Anyway, very good video, I really enjoy it, you are a good artist.

  28. Chào a! A có phải là người VN ko?

  29. Is this tutorial outdated? If not, I'll consider buying

  30. I am here to beat NIER AUTOMATA's character designers.

  31. 중간에 다 짜르고 완성된건만 보여주면 별로 동영상 의미가 없다. 알아서 해석해라

  32. what application are you using? please answer i would really like to know so that i can start on the same application! It is deeply appreciated thank you.

  33. So much fluid would have been dryed out in 2 minutes time

  34. So you model it with Zbrush after that whats the next step to have your character ready-to-go for Unity3d use? That is including Animation and Mobile Ready.

  35. On the section about separated meshes and saying it's done "for easier rigging. Not for in game use", does that mean you don't want to do this for games or just that wasn't the reason you did it but it's possible.

    For those of us trying to piece together answers and techniques, it would be of huge benefit to explain why this wouldn't work in a game or what is preferred for things like that and why is it easier to rig being separate? Is it because you have more pieces that they are easier to rig?

    A lot of people I'm sure can really benefit from knowing best practices for character models.

    Really good stuff though.

  36. Thanks for sharing! The way you create that skirt is what I'm looking for! Thanks again!!

  37. I'd like to watch You sculptring all those details : o Great tutorial by the way!

  38. i clicked because of the thumbnail. there i said it! no shame

  39. This video has great info !! The model looks great too!

  40. Ничего не понял, но на всякий случай подрочил.

  41. So what if I know tools from zbrush but I really suck at sculpting, would this tutorial help me out?

  42. Too many polygons, gonna give the game major lags man.

  43. Love your Video 🙂 plz keep uploading videoes.

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