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3 Tips to Making Simple, Gorgeous Artwork for Your Game

Game Dev Unlocked
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Over 8,000 games were released on Steam last year, so you need to stand out… and striking art is the key to standing out! Let’s look at some beautiful (but simple) looking indie games, and analyze how we can apply those visual principles to your game.

This is a excerpt from my online school Game Dev Unlocked, where I teach people how to start, finish, and market their indie games. If you like this video, you’ll probably like the school! Learn more at

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Book of the Dead:
The Music Machine:
Pony Island:
Phantom Path:
Hell is Other Demons:
The Long Return:
Alto’s Adventure:

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  1. The perfect combo for game making:
    Game dev unlock (for moral/motivational support)
    Brackeys (for learning code)

  2. Invaluable advice! I feel like I'm not making progress when I'm not in Unity, but the art is what first pulls in the viewer!

  3. well. I wanted to play your game but i'm limited by my wallet haha

  4. GD: "What are you good at?"
    Me: Ight Imma Head Out

  5. What's the name of the song during the montage?

  6. a good game developer learns programming also because without programming you can't make games i thought or you can learn with making games also so go and learn programming.

  7. Love how you bringing light to games that are not well known. Keep it up, need more like you.

  8. Hi Dave, can you do a tutorial of how to do an automatic game saves system? (like, when you starts in a level, the game saves there) did you make the saves system of "The First Tree" with Playmaker or with a plugin? Greetings!

  9. You have such a great story, so please don’t turn this channel into a meaningless top 3 tips videos that you repeat every video.

  10. Did you put thought in things like DRM in your game?

  11. my first game was racing 2d for pc that i created in 2005, get fuel before it's run out and don't crash with other car or bike.
    15 years later and i don't have time to create another simple 2d game because the idea are just inside my head and never been executed.

  12. Sir can you please show how you made the 3d game look like an anime.🙂🙂

  13. I have not a kompyuter, what I do? I give up? No. Or I steel kompyuter? No. What I do?

  14. One question:

    What if i´m good at photorealism?

  15. A friend and I recently decided to take our love of games and make something with it. We just started and are quite clueless about all the things that will be needed to make a game, but we are learning something new everyday. Thank you for these videos, they really help bring things into perspective for us and focus on things we never even thought of. Please keep making more videos like this. Thank you !!

  16. I am unity developer and with zero level of graphic understanding.

  17. PlayMaker turorial please please please please pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease pleaease please please please

  18. Jesus loves you and please keep Him close to your life as a Father and friend , build a bond with the one who loves you

  19. GD: "what are you good at?"
    Me: looks at my shitty custom maps from many games

  20. Ive just seen your video how you became a game maker. And i have a very VERY important question:
    Where did you get that skateboard on your wall tho? xd

  21. I will definitely be Picking up your next indie game! Love your way of story telling and tbh, I hadn’t even heard of you before void. I might be the only one who played your game because I saw you at void. Loved the first tree too!

  22. Thank you for such helpful and inspiring videos, please keep em coming and dont change!

  23. You are great guy and clever as a fox 😂
    As an artist I wish I have this job that I really can love.. Good luck

  24. Having a color pallet of only 256 colors and only being able to use 13 of them in 4 groups with one being a background color, for that you have to get creative, and so that’s what I did, I made a color palette within the color palette, to give my game a sorta comic book ish color style, you can’t really tell that music because all the art is pixel art made for the nes but I tried my best

  25. But when you hear the first 10 seconds of minecraft music you know its god

  26. Between you and Thomas Brush ive finally started working on my game. You play Syfur a black cat with orange eyes. The opening scene you awake in this dark halloween inspired forest no clue of who you are or where you came from. As you traverse through these forest levels you find the Great pumpkins who will tell you about who you were and where your going. Let's just say you'll learn your not just a cat and something terrible has happened in your life. There will be enemies and bosses leading to a massive conclusion as you take this journey about finding your true self.

    Its a work in progress 😃

  27. Bro my aim is to be like you.
    I don't want to be more than you But I want to be like you
    Ylu motivated me so much.

  28. I always wanted to become a gamedev, soon I will start learning unity without any knowledge at all of coding but you and your videos worked as an inspiration and I'm grateful for that

  29. I don't know how but i found your game randomly in my steam library. After watching your videos i planed on buying it but I already have it. Did you do any humble bundles or monthy?

  30. Hi. Check it out our indie game Shadows of Kepler ❤️

  31. Thanks for the tips! they have helped me a lot in improving my game art!

  32. What am I good at? : The want to tell a story

  33. “monochromatic: using one or two colors.” what did we learn what “mono” means in latin?

  34. I'm digging your learning curve. You used a noise gate on your dev console build and, tbh, it was jarring. Glad you dropped that. You vids are looking, and sounding, better and better!

  35. Wow that montage killed me!! I had to watch it twice. Super inspiring, I'm going to try to modify some of my art according to these tips. Also yay watercolour painting + scanning hehe that's what I do too 🙂

  36. What you are good at

    watching youtube videos

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