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3 E-Girls, 1 Artist (GAME SHOW/ ART SHOW) feat. Finn, Quinn, and Natt

Cyniko Arts
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3 E-Girls, 1 Artist GAME SHOW
or else I’ll eat your RTX 3070. MINE MMMM, naw I think I’ll die.

Today I hosted my first art game show thing and it featured Finn, Quinn, Natt. Take it as a show test cuz this video is mostly for entertainment purposes so yeah. These 3 joined forces to create the perfect e-girl. Yep. That’s exactly what this is about.
You better hit that like cuz ffs this too so long to do. Also say thanks to the e-girls themselves cuz without them this video was never going to happen.
Also this took a little longer to upload to today cuz spectrum wanted to take a poo break in the afternoon 🙂

Finn –

Quinn –

Natt –

Thanks fam…

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Music – Kevin MacLeod



  1. i was imagining something slightly different but ok.

  2. scuffed gameshow-man verry good, I'm want to have this man

  3. quinn was like a middle child he did everything perfect but still got blame sksksk

  4. Finn's trumpcard: his looks(girl)
    Natt's trumpcard: his voice(girl)
    Quinn's trumpcard: his personality(i guess)


  6. Those chicks have onlyfans accounts?

    For me report them to UN for crimes against humanity

  7. the drawing looked like fucking sakura so yea natt was 10 times better than the garbge can

  8. Finn is like a men soul trapped in a women's body..🙄

  9. Khalyཧཧ •༅࿔《『A Song of Nerds and Writers』》•༅࿔ says:

    Holy Fock, I was in stitches. This was perfect. 🤣

  10. Natt and Quin reminded the film “White Chicks”’!! Lol

  11. The only thing I took away from this is all cross dressers have 2 of the same letter in their name/nickname.

  12. Finn's the Only Guy who Can be So fine as to look like a Lady.

    even Without Makeup

  13. Finn is the only one that is truly committing to being a true e-girl by looking the part.

  14. It's amazing how many female mannerisms they've developed

  15. Probably the weirdest and sketchiest game show I've watched.

  16. Finn has the looks, Nat has the voice and Quinn has the humour. Mix them together and you get the perfect e-girl lol

  17. I can't see Quinn as anything other than a female.

  18. No hablo casi nada de inglés, ni tampoco lo entiendo, pero me gusta ver a estos fingiendo ser mujer XD jajajaja

  19. Finn with a butterfly knife (I think). I see you. protected e-girl

  20. I am from the south and i really fucking stupid, i cant read i cant ride

  21. Natt has the most girly voice , Finn has the most girly look

  22. Do you go shopping for your clotes or you stole your mons?

  23. Someone is Missing!!! Its the other one who has the.looks the voice and the body she/he is so cute I forgot His Name He do things like this aswell on Omeggle

  24. Quinn's kind of looks like Ino Yamanaka just a little bit

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