2D Top Down Pixel Art RPG Game Dev in Unity 2022 ~ Crash Course Tutorial for Beginners - revartsgaming.com

2D Top Down Pixel Art RPG Game Dev in Unity 2022 ~ Crash Course Tutorial for Beginners

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Guide on many of the first steps building up a top down 2d pixel art RPG from scratch in Unity 2022 version. The goal of this crash course is to cover as many relevant beginners topics as we can but linked together in actually building out some prototype mechanics for a potential game.

For the video, I’m using this mystic woods pack for this tutorial. You’ll only need the free version to follow along for this video

Scripts Download

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0:00 Project Setup
1:22 Importing Art
1:59 Settings for Pixel Art Imports
4:24 Creating a Player Prefab
8:20 Adjusting Camera for Pixel Art
9:57 Building Tilemaps from Tileset Art
21:57 InputSystem Package (New Player Input)
25:11 Adding a Script and Choosing a Code Editor
26:11 Player Conttroller Script
38:01 Movement Testing
41:38 Code – Sliding on Edges of Collision
45:04 Animation Setup for Player
57:07 Cinemachine Follow Camera
58:44 Sword Attack Animation and Code
1:04:16 Attack Collision Trigger and Dealing Damage
1:15:09 Slime Setup, Collider, and Taking Damage
1:24:17 Slime Animations
1:28:57 Wrapup


  1. What's the advantage of using the new Input package vs the old one?

  2. Most underrated channel. Very detailed and informative explanation. 👌🏻

  3. So i went through this tutorial last week, everything worked completely fine. (Great Tutorial by the way)
    I made a new project with another scene, representing the game menu, which I implemented with no issues.

    Instead of creating another project i simply made another scene to work with and simply followed this tutorial.
    All good, until the coding part.
    I am currently using VS-Code for programming and ran into the following error when trying to implement the PlayerController

    AssetsPlayerController.cs(16,17): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'InputValue' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

    Anyone able to help?

  4. The best new steps tutorial i have seen, thank you very very much ❤️❤️

  5. I am having some trouble with the Sword Attack part of the code. So far I have done everything the same way you have, but for some reason my Sword attack is not going off in game. I am receiving two errors:

    1. Local function 'OnFire()' must declare a body because it is not marked 'static extern'. [Assembly-CSharp]
    2. The local function 'OnFire' is declared but never used [Assembly-CSharp]

    The code I have is as followed:
    void OnFire(); {


    Any help would be appreciated!

  6. Pretty hard to watch with so many ads. There have been three separate ads within seven minutes…

  7. Having massive trouble with the coding portion of this project. My Visual Studio code comes up with an error message saying "Could not locate .NET Core project. Assets were not generated."
    The project is in the correct dropdown, everything is typed correctly (I even went as far as trashing my own written code and just downloaded your script and pasted it into a new project.

    This error message also appears after I download the C# extension, the Unity Debugger, and the Unity Tools: "Some projects have trouble loading. Please review the output for more details."

    What did I do wrong? It seems as though this issue is directly related to another one right in Unity, where the script won't load and it just says the file name. No config options or anything. This is really disheartening.

  8. Hey Guys,
    I'm 39 minutes into the video and just finished the movement but I'm getting a compiler issue that he isn't can anyone see if they can figure them out?

    1. AssetsPlayerController.cs(26,28): error CS1061: 'Rigidbody2D' does not contain a definition for 'cast' and no accessible extension method 'cast' accepting a first argument of type 'Rigidbody2D' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

    2. AssetsPlayerController.cs(33,18): error CS1061: 'Rigidbody2D' does not contain a definition for 'movePosition' and no accessible extension method 'movePosition' accepting a first argument of type 'Rigidbody2D' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)


  9. I am having trouble with vs code not understanding variable types ( ie Rigidbody doesn’t auto fill or show up as a key word etc.) is there any way to fix this?

  10. If anyone is having jittery game character movement just go to the rigidbody2d component and set interpolate to interpolate :)!

  11. Why does attacking not work after standing still for 5+ seconds? I will respond to this when I figure it out. Just a weird bug I found. Pretty sure I followed everything exactly, and everything appears to be running smoothly without issue aside from that. But still, INCREDIBLE tutorial! Thank you! This really helped me learn a lot of new things and speed up my development.

  12. 38:00 my player keeps getting stuck in Tilemap Collider 2D even though its collider is limited to its feet like yours. Still can't understand what causes it… Anyone have any ideas?I also tried to add a physics material 2d with 0 friction, it also didn't work. Can't move out in any way, player becomes stuck when its rigidbody comes in contact with tilemap collider.

  13. Hello friend, very good tutorial. But I have a problem when attacking the slime. If you only press one key and not several at once, the attack doesn't hit the slime. I need to press more than 1 key so that the enemy can receive the attack

  14. Help, every time i make a script it doesn't give me any public floats and doesn't want to work pls help me.

  15. Very nice but I'm dumb after I finished it I accidentally delete it but nvm u got a new sub

  16. When I add the code to make it possible to move along collision objects, all controls stop working as soon as the player character touches anything.

  17. Love the explanation! Great work!

    Keep up the good tutorials!

  18. Holy crap! Godot is so much more intuitive than this! I was just looking to see what Unity was like… Seems incredibly hard! Using C# in Unity feels like rote learning.

  19. Thank you so much! I found this tutorial very useful! Though, I think you forgot to edit the video. There are many parts where you say something, pause, and then repeat the same line.

  20. I just downloaded unity and your tutorial is the only one that doesnt take shortcuts. Finally i can code in unity

  21. Great video and at a comfortable pace. Will you be adding any more parts to this series?

  22. Hey, great tutorial, but I was wondering is there a specific reason for not making the player have a Dynamic body type and then turning the gravity to 0 and freezing Z rotation so that in that case collision is just taken care of?

  23. If anyone is not seeing the place to enter the # of Samples you can enable it by clicking the three dots in the Animation pane an selecting "Show Sample Rate"

  24. AssetsPlayerController.cs(42,25): error CS0103: The name 'success' does not exist in the current context

  25. please expand this course please i am working on this type of game help please

  26. Followed the whole video, expecting it to take me 2 hours. It took me all day! Well worth it though. I have an actual player running around on screen killing enemies!

  27. If u dont have Pixel perfect camera in 9:22 u need to install it

  28. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    PlayerController.SwordAttack () (at Assets/PlayerController.cs:95)
    For some reason this happens everytime I swing the sword. Please help

  29. Ever since I made the camera move with the character he turns blurry when you move. Do you know any fixes?

  30. This is so great! I've been following along. I'm an hour in, with everything working smoothly! It's my first time working in Unity or in C (though I've used Python before.) I love how you model debugging and explain why you do each thing you do. I learned a lot of coding just from following along! Keep up the great work!

  31. Problem with my player controller script. Says it does not derive from mono behavior

  32. Anyone else having issues with the code at 32:30 ? Please if you could help me out that would be amazing.

  33. steller video. You both explain what you are doing and show how to do it perfectly, I always felt like I knew what was happening and could follow along easily. You are a really talented teacher!

  34. It's all pointless since enemy can follow you I hope u make a tutorial of that cause nobody is doing that and nothing helps on Hoople or youtube

  35. I keep on failing and I can't make a game.
    I need help

  36. coding tutorials be like 'okay just open up your editor and click here and then click here and paste this huge block i got from github and hit compile and boom project complete you made elden ring'

  37. Quick note: I'm running Unity 2021.2.16, and Cinemachine has its own menu at the top between "Component" and "Window", in case anybody is wondering why it doesn't appear under the "GameObject" menu.

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