2D Game Art Tutorial (Stylized Landscape in 20 Minutes!) - revartsgaming.com

2D Game Art Tutorial (Stylized Landscape in 20 Minutes!)

Thomas Brush
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  1. I was watching this with captions on and in you're outro is says "thanks guys f*ck you later" I cannot forget about it :'D

  2. I got a Bob ross vibe from this haha!PLEASE make this a series where you do a bunch of different quick landscape pieces? Might give you ideas for your next game style / world too!

  3. I'm using Pixlr. Will that work? By the way, I love your channel so much.

  4. i always learn something new with your vids love it

  5. The dislikes are those who didn't take the time and effort to actually follow this amazing tutorial.

  6. Wow, this was really good. I learned a lot in this video!

  7. Awesome tutorial video bro. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!

  8. Thanks for all your tutorials. I kinda wish i could see what you were doing with the layers but was covered with your face camera record. May be you can move it somewhere else?

  9. Wish there were more tutorials for things like this using Gimp. Takes a bit for me to find the tools and/or to get them to work similarly, and can't afford photoshot. As it is my laptop is barely even able to handle that.

  10. I am trying to work on a Unity game and I have zero art experience. This was a bit intimidating but also super inspiring. It came out great, thanks for the tutorial.

  11. Can I play any of your games on my GBA tho?

  12. You're energy is so genuine. Refreshing ❤️

  13. How to make a random and basic background:
    Oops, accidentally made a new game.

  14. Damn, I keep returning to this n still cannot make a landscape like him.

  15. I am really new to photoshop. Can someone suggest really good sources I can use to learn the essentials to create something like in this video?

  16. I love this tutorial family! It helped me instantly with landscapes

  17. it would be a help if you didn't put the pip on the layers menu so we can see what's going on there. the other side is fine.

  18. I've been struggling with that blurry mist for an hour at least… I do the same as shown in the video yet I am getting totally different result. The blur looks different, and when I turn down the opacity it gets applied for the whole layout. I made sure that the layer and masking was properly selected but still not working. Also the blur is doing nothing either.

  19. This man is the one who motivated me like shit👍

  20. Omg. Dude. That is amazing. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Plus you have a cool, confident attitude which genuinely puts our technical anxieties at ease. Especially for life long artist’s but beginners for updating our old school skills. You are an excellent teacher. I’m a new subscriber and fan for sure. Keep up the great work my friend.

  21. "I don't know how the developers would program this, but I will put it in there anyway"

  22. Thanks for that music plug. Sounds like a great resource. Checking it out now.

  23. OMG I learnt so much, thank you !! It's sad that affinity designer doesn't have motion blur tho, I had to use gaussian blur

  24. My lassy tool doesn't make a new layer

  25. Isn't there a button I can just push to get that same effect? Maybe a cerebellum plug so I can jack-in and then wake up and tell everyone I know Kung-Fu? No? Guess I have settle for doing things the hard way. Finding someone to do it for me 🙂
    Joking aside, I really have to say "thank you Sen pi " for imparting in your videos such a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from your own experience navigating this mine field of a solo Dev and allowing for some of us to dream a little and say "I can do this".

    (3 weeks later… hunched over a keyboard with smoke radiating from his brain)
    I finally did it, I know "Kung Fu!" 🙂 Thanks again! for the help

  26. I don't know why but my gradient always looks washed out and I can barely see the colors can someone help? 🙁
    I'm stuck on 3:09

    SOLUTION: my mode was screen instead of normal and my gradient was radial not linear

  27. This's an absolutely amazing and beautiful tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing <3

  28. Well I wasn’t expecting to learn much.
    I use clip studio which is near identical, the thing I didn’t know you could do was use a paper texture. That is awesome.

  29. I'm taking my first wee nosey around making some game art and your videos have been very helpful, thank you!

  30. damn, you are a genius, i actually think i can do this by my self x.x

  31. all I got from that was that basically you need to have an idea of where everything needs to go… so basically if i'm an artist I can do it, if not it'll look like crap regardless because idk where shadows or light would go…

  32. I'd much rather see the layers instead of you down in the bottom corner. It would have been a lot more helpful.

  33. Absolutely fantastic. You are inspiring me and I sure, many others too. I watched this video twice and saved it on my list. Thanks a lot. A hug from Brazil.

  34. 3:59 very smart play how you made your webcam hide the thing you are talking about

  35. Got to the part where I'm supposed to blur background. Doesn't work

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