2D Game Art Tutorial (Stylized Landscape in 20 Minutes!) - revartsgaming.com

2D Game Art Tutorial (Stylized Landscape in 20 Minutes!)

Thomas Brush
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Edited by Caleb Furrow


  1. Can someone tell me how did he duplicate the sky please?

  2. I’ve seen hundreds of YouTube videos at least and your videos are literally the only ones I’ve ever found and seen that actually goes into depth on how to really make 2d games thank you for everything

  3. what if you cant afford photoshop, and you cant find a cracked copy. any alt to try?

  4. its really amazing thanks for that it really helpful

  5. 1 min in I was jus like… thumbs up! bro will patronize on my first release.

  6. 1:55 You dont need memorize what 4k is. But you can save it, whit the litle save ikon… next to where you can add your document name. After this you always find the setup in the "Saved" menu

  7. Seeing you is always a pleasant experience. No doubt. But I would also love to see how you managed layers below the popup cam.

  8. Most of your time is spent in Photoshop? Pfft! More like you spend most of your time in the gym! Why you so buff bro?

  9. Nice, 20 minutes and ive done the blur effect, guess ill sit here the rest of the day. Great video though!

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