2D Game Art Tutorial (Stylized Landscape in 20 Minutes!) - revartsgaming.com

2D Game Art Tutorial (Stylized Landscape in 20 Minutes!)

Thomas Brush
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  1. miiiillion of likes
    i absolutelutly love it!!!

  2. one of the new fan

  3. Got anything that shows how you put this type of work in a game? I get the layers can be exported individually and applied in-game but I just don't know how to put the pieces together; especially the ledges where the player walks/jumps etc….

  4. i can see shit because of your camera and that add to subscribe for weekly indie . im totally newbie and really dont know here to click when u cover almost everything

  5. ty for tutorial. Unfortunately you cover everuthing in the right part on selecting layers and masks. I cannot reproduce step 3 and no matter what i do, the motion blur affects the first mountain edges. On every mountain i have a mask layer, but I do not see your setup on creating new layers. If you can explain / upload with you in the left it would be awesome. TY (later edit: the "alt" part was not clear but i figured it out – it is about creating clipping masks – it would have been awesome to see all in the right panel).

    Please make a sequel with showing the foreground part buidling and coloring/ texturing in Unity. Also if you can incorporate making paralax from this project and using it in Unity it would be awesome addition to the foreground build in unity. Also it would be awesome tho show how to incorporate the effects form the above layers in paralax layers in Unity: eg: from this example: should we apply the hue and paper layer to each mountain layer ? There are also limitations on exporting: https://docs.unity3d.com/Packages/[email protected]/manual/index.html, hence we should have a project with effects and one with applied effects. But how to apply some overall effects is the big q 🙂 ?

  6. Tbh the games youve made you plug every video personally arent my style but you as a dev have easily become one of my favorites to watch. The energy and overall feeling of genuine wanting to help others do something they love along with the sense of humor is great to see

  7. not exactly what i was looking for but i still watched all the way through

  8. i followed your video along with a pencil and it turned out perfect
    it had likea papyors style to it because of the led but that just made it better

  9. I started to build my career now and I am loving to design games I want to create, I learn so much with your videos, thank youuuu

  10. Hey dawg, I'm gonna subscribe to your channel. I really like your content (I mean I'm subscribing otherwise I wouldn't lol). Thanks for putting out some really great stuff. I started out my game development life last summer for unreal engine 4. I was wondering if you could talk about (if you haven't already, I just discovered you so I don't know if you made it yet) how to discover what you're good at and how to utilize our talent for it. For example, I'm told that I am a phenomenal story teller (I think I'm 'aight), but I am at a loss for how to tell stories in a game without it becoming this giant exposition dump.

    Anyway, thanks again for your amazing work!

  11. my motion blur tool doesnt do the same as your tool does 🙁 idk what to do now

  12. I dunno why but you just gave me faith in guys again. Like, bish, I thought I'm a lesbian xD

  13. Awesome !!! Thank's for everything man !! Keep up the good work

  14. How to import all of these to unity? Especially texts and effects?

  15. Thank you, this helps for my video game design class and I gain more knowledge.

  16. This is why I hate being colourblind, half of the things he pointed out I didn’t even see because to me colour variation is often less obvious.

  17. Why you dont have a discord server? I think ıt have to be


  19. Where did you paint on because I want to do it but I don’t know where

  20. I love your videos so much and as a younger person becoming a indie game developer has always been apart of me ever since I was young and your videos are so helpful thank you so much

  21. Nice, 20 minutes and ive done the blur effect, guess ill sit here the rest of the day. Great video though!

  22. Most of your time is spent in Photoshop? Pfft! More like you spend most of your time in the gym! Why you so buff bro?

  23. Seeing you is always a pleasant experience. No doubt. But I would also love to see how you managed layers below the popup cam.

  24. 1:55 You dont need memorize what 4k is. But you can save it, whit the litle save ikon… next to where you can add your document name. After this you always find the setup in the "Saved" menu

  25. 1 min in I was jus like… thumbs up! bro will patronize on my first release.

  26. its really amazing thanks for that it really helpful

  27. what if you cant afford photoshop, and you cant find a cracked copy. any alt to try?

  28. I’ve seen hundreds of YouTube videos at least and your videos are literally the only ones I’ve ever found and seen that actually goes into depth on how to really make 2d games thank you for everything

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