2D Game Art Tutorial (Stylized Landscape In 15 Minutes) - revartsgaming.com

2D Game Art Tutorial (Stylized Landscape In 15 Minutes)

Thomas Brush
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  1. Your 2D Art teachings are always EXTREMELY useful! Thank you Thomas! 😎

  2. Thomas Brushes art style is so good, I was comparing it to Ori and The Will of The Wisps

  3. What a way to start off the new year!! This is Our year baby!!!!!!

  4. You missed the perfect opportunity to make a Bob Ross impersonation. I'm very disappointed.

  5. Would love to see how you tile this scene, see the parallax in action

  6. i discovered ur channel 2 years ago even tho im current a web developer i always loved ur art and development skills truly amazing creator if i ever get back to game dev it'll be cause of u

  7. Could you do a video on what pc setup you need for game Dev? Such as graphics card, processor, ram etc?

  8. It's really cool that you worked in a totally different art style than what we usually see in your games. Awesome.

  9. I miss your 2D games 🙁 Great video as always, you are geting even better at it 😉

  10. Does anyone know if theres a place I can submit my ideas for a game?

  11. This is amazing. I am definer going to use these brushes in future projects.

  12. I watched in 2x, Thomas looks like Dr Strange predicting future.

  13. Wow! You are a complete (digital) Artist.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. That's some good Karma Points for the future 👍🏻😄

  14. Loved seeing the process, and thank you so much for sharing these lovely brushes!

  15. Wow! I absolutely love these kind of videos. Thank you Thomas.

  16. I love these videos you make about 2d art. I'd really love to see you actually import and run around with a stock character in these little scenes you make. That, at least for me, would be super cool to see.

  17. This is good as an art image, however this is useless to use in a game engine

  18. If I would of paid to make a game what is the average price

  19. Not for nothing but all these tutorials make me upset because you have to go into them with a strong knowledge of how to use photoshop in general…if you already had a strong knowledge of photoshop then you wouldn't need to watch these tutorials!
    Now once does he explain how hes doing what hes doing he just goes through the motions… For example he says "let's add a gradient here" and then, boom, it's there….no explanation how it was done….
    I feel like i have to watch 10 how tutorials before I can get through this one! 😩

  20. Hi Thomas love your content and purchased your course, can you make a tutorial on how to make flowmap skybox like World of Warcraft, Thanks!

  21. I would love to see a tutorial on how to make this alive in a game. I mean by adding light, wind and stuff that make an artstyle feels like a living world when you play.

  22. I see, this is why you are Thomas BRUSH <3

  23. A Thomas Brush Brush set huh? Nice 👍

  24. Love that you branch into a more organic painterly vibe, it looks really nice!

  25. Loving these videos. They're definitely some of my favourite ones to watch from you. One question though: Where would the character walk? I struggle with making beautiful art with a clear character path myself. It would be nice if you kind of showed us how that'd look 🙂

  26. what is the music playing during the 9:50 part? Its amazing and would be amazing to vibe to in spotify

  27. How come it wont let me use these brushes in krita? I'm too poor for photoshop

  28. Pleeeaaaaase make a tutorial on a HOLLOW KNIGHT CAVE in a format similar to this video!
    I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see something like that in the future.

    Amazing video btw.

  29. What is it that you're doing for example in 4:35 to layer 70 where it's pushed a bit right with that arrow?

  30. Thomas Brush is the Bob Ross of digital art

  31. this man is like the digetal art Bob Ross :O

  32. Do somebody know where i can find codes for me to copy and paste for my hack and slash game??

  33. I need an artist like this, I pay you, who is interested

  34. amazing tutorial, i learned alot from this. thank you

  35. Nothing like a good video to show you how bad you at art lol

  36. This video saved me something like $5000 in budget.

  37. It's really great video, but why my grass block-in brush didn't blend with the ground?

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