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2D Game Art Tutorial (Stylized Landscape in 10 Minutes!)

Thomas Brush
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Join me as we create an ambient alpine landscape for a 2D game in this 10 minute tutorial!
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  1. Thomas how did you learn doing these? Did you found them by yourself or learned it from somewhere? Where did you learn from? college? internet?

  2. blacktorn prod should listen to this… XDDDDDDDDDDD so bad omegalul

  3. You're a huge inspiration Thomas! 💓💓

  4. Love your videos, they are really helpfull, please if you can, make one explaining how to go from photoshop to unity (I know you have one like that, but i would like one more detailed) and using the features of the last unity update.. you are the best teacher online that i have found yet =D so thank you!!!

  5. I’ve learned so much about art thanks to you Thomas

  6. Thomas Brush, failed indie game dev turned Bob Ross impersonator. What a joke

  7. can we get the brush presets please Thomas plssssss

  8. I made a landscape and after posting it in unity, I realised it was opaque, it was also blur
    I don't know why
    With the Redwood trees I understand so if I can get a nrush setting for that, it will be cool. But my entire art looks degraded after I hit play
    Now I'm thinking of creating an entirely new art or use color lookup table which I don't know how to do

  9. I want you to pick the keyboard up a bash it on a chair leg to beat the devil out of it lol
    Omg I just realized it's Neverending Story music!!!!!!!!

  10. thank you for making this channel and sharing your knowledge with us

  11. Can you make the same thing but a desert theme? Thanks for the video!

  12. this some bob ross level stuff. quick and understandable explanations, and it really comes together in the end to a very nice piece.

  13. Donkey Kong Country water level song brings some nice nostalgia.

  14. Mann u nailed that 80s vibe in the intro lol

  15. Makes his own game engine and has a Thomas Brush tool

  16. hey thomas could you link the photoshop brushes in the description. Thanks 🙂

  17. aw mann thanks can you make tutorials on tile sets

  18. I love these art tutorials but can you make one on how to put it together in unity? does it tile? how do you do it I really want to know because it looks great 🙂

  19. I love to see your process and I'm trying to imitate our actions. Getting a long, but not all my details are correct. Especially with the motion blur. I noticed a rectangle with a blue border at 5:42 (and 6:14) just before the blur. Can you explain what you're doing at that moment?
    Again love it all! Thank again!

  20. How dare you drop Aquatic Ambience on me while you're making awesome low-poly shadows you beautiful bastard

  21. how did you put the color palettes in a single layer? But if you use shapes they show as individual layers, how did you do that?

  22. what happen to those shadow layers? Anyone can explain? Did they became mask?

  23. is game kit still available link saying it is removed 🙁 Love your Video's.

  24. Hey man, do you ever think about making your own custom type of brush? Like a thomas brush?

  25. What size is the aspect ratio? Ideal size to work with creating game

  26. This is cool thanks, this gives me confidence

  27. pls tutorial about how to make web to publish your games on it like atmos games

  28. Dude! Simply amazing! …… WAIT!!! did you not only blow my mind with your skillz , but also blew my mind with donkey kong country underwater bgm???

  29. This video started as a Journey into Austria, but ended as a Journey Across Japan for any Abroad In Japan fans…

  30. When using shortcuts on your keyboard would be really nice if you could tell us what it was….

  31. Omg this grass is not even animated, this tutorial is trash and so horrible for free 10 downloads useless demos. It's sooo bad video that it should never been posted.

  32. You are the Bob Ross of 2d game art. Thx man!

  33. Good host, good idea for a tutorial, but "I'm going to do 'this' " is a sentence that should never be uttered in a tuturial.

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